Am finding it hard to grasp or understand the RATIO of Following versus Followed By - I have been checking other peoples' networks and I noticed their ratios are extraordinary high , in some situations

"Following" is 15k up to 30k members and more versus "Followed by" under 2k? or even less.

These folks have not completed a year at WA (kinda make me wonder??)

How much energy is required to pursue 1000's of members and for what cause? I can talk to them (respond or reply) without them being in my network.

If I were to spend this same energy writing content for my sites, I would probably have written 70 - 100 plus articles.

I have a chance that one of them at bare minimum will highly get ranked in the search engines and makes me money.

How about following 100 k members, my REAL QUESTION is how much income would those make you?


Are you REALLY prioritizing your time effectively? After all, that's why we are here to Learn and then Earn?

Or is that not the case??

Thanks guys

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Joezout Premium Featured Comment
I follow and look to be followed by members who can help me as I help them. When you ask questions who do you think answers them well it's the people that you have followed they are the only ones who can read your questions. WA is a large family we support one another in a multitude of ways. The more followers you have the more experience you have access to. In this way, you have the opportunity per se to earn money since you are capable of building a better website via their assistance. One hand washes the other so to speak and this community has proven that no man is an island.

JeffreyBrown Premium
Very well said, Joe! How is it going, my friend?

YvonneBray Premium
Great explanation Joe. Thank you.
JeffreyBrown Premium
I agree!
Astrid09 Premium
Thank you for that explanation.
JeffreyBrown Premium
You're welcome, Astrid!

MoniqueRich Premium
Hi, Lula, I am always amazed by the support here at WA.
You have some great answers here.
I mainly follow the people who have helped me, and there are a lot of great spirits here with a lot of knowledge.
When I see someone has a question that I can answer, I do the same.

I checked your profile, you started at the end of January 2021
You have 625 followers, and you are at rank 95.

This you can only achive by posting a lot, helping a lot, and following a lot.
If you go on like this, you will be the same as "these people". Lol.

Anne056 Premium
I have not yet followed that many (yet). I do enjoy reading the blogs of those with more experience. Like you, I came here to develop a website that is profitable and enjoyable. I do enjoy interactions with others here but I don't have a good deal of time to spend on it!
I'm not sure what the best approach is but I'm primarily interested in learning and hope with time, I can help those with less experience than me.
All the best,
Astrid09 Premium
I feel similar.
BrightSales Premium
I've seen other people ask about this friend. I don't care how many people are following me, I will continue to follow them here. The point is that if you publish a blog here in the WA community, everyone you are following will get an get an email notification about it.
Especially, if it's a helpful blog. I would not want to publish a helpful blog here where I get a few people to comment. It's the same in Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. If you publish a page, you would want all the people you followed to take a look and probably do business with them..
The only difference here is that you can't sell to people. That's ok. Because there are links you can put under your profile that says "Follow me on", should anyone find your works interesting here. What happens there is a different story. I'll let the imagination sinks in. All the best!
Israel777 Premium
Hey Lula,
Thank you for this very important question.

People follow others for different reasons. I guess that’s really obvious.

To me, I follow people here in WA to get assistance and inspiration.

Now that may sound selfish, but I am a beginner here and wants to learn, grow and be successful later.

That word success may mean differently to a lot of people. Some equate it to monetary value or earnings which I gather the majority of people here want. That’s a valid reason.

However, I believe there is more to following and be followed, than just monetary value here. I personally discovered that here in WA.

Friendships, good relationships, genuine respect, inner joy and happiness, and any other non-tangible benefits.

It’s funny though, we don’t even see each other in person. The only factor that binds and connects us are our words.

And amazingly we trust or we like to trust each other because of our open culture of sharing our experiences here in WA. May they be failures, frustrations or success.

Now, as I seek assistance, guidance, right directions to success, I aspire to be like those people who have guided and shown me the right path.

They may not be financially rich, but the value of their person and character is what I appreciate.

Then, at the right moment I can be a guide, director or inspirer to a beginner or newbie desperately needing that wisdom.

I will do that in honour for those people whom I would never have known if I haven’t followed in the first place.

It doesn’t really matter what the ratio is. That’s because we are unique and independently working as well.

This only my take. I hope it offers a different perspective.

All the best,

JeffreyBrown Premium
I totally agree, Israel! Especially about the friendships!