I recieved this message from Google Console in my email. Has anyone delt with this?

Fix Breadcrumbs markup for https://superzaddyaffiliate.com/

Google systems show that your site is affected by 11 instances of Breadcrumbs markup issues. This means that your Breadcrumbs pages might not appear as rich results in Google Search.

Search Console has created a new report just for this rich result type. The new report enables you to identify, fix, and resubmit affected pages to Google so they can start appearing in Search Results with rich result features.

Still didn't get even after reading theit explanation. Does anyone know the fix to this?



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alfredg1948 Premium
I haven't received anything from Google concerning this Eric.
CordeliaN Premium
I received the exact same thing yesterday, I sent a ticket to site support and they forwarded Google’s own email about “hierarchy” which I had not a clue about. So they suggested I do the site map training again and ask for a new site map.

I haven’t as yet done this. James also said he had the same thing recently and what he did was on the top right of each blog post, where it says where each post is located simply ensure it is located somewhere.......least I think that was what he meant. I have tried to categorise, but so far not achieved.

I am going to have a go later today. 👍
Hey Eric,

I am not familiar with this.

Robert-A Premium
This is something new with Google.

If you search for an answer this is what you will get -

In the last few days, Google Search Console has started to notify webmasters of issues with their breadcrumbs. Please bear with our support team since every message you receive is likely to be unknown to us since this is a brand new report by Google.
elhuntley Premium
Hi Robert

Yes support couldn't help me so I threw out to the community hoping someone has the answer.

Robert-A Premium
I wouldn't worry about it just yet or at least wait until google sorts it out then resubmit your site in Google Console again.
Enjoy your Sunday.