Do someone know an easy way to find WA members when I needed to ask them to change their comments, so I don´t require to disapprove their remarks?
Because all, as they should do, use their avatar and that doesn´t help.
I can edit it myself but if I editor complete, why should I?

Disapprove comments is not easy and too I have many times it is dubious to do it for many reasons. So my policy is to not do it except if it damage my site, are too far away from the material (I even have accepted (but should not) when people take title of another post to get more words, probably because they are in problem to write enough words or are too lazy to read it.
And when I talk about damage, my site is for example when it writes very negative about the product or talks more about why people should not buy the product. It is no problem to answer it in original comments. But I both buy, to save time, and spend a time to get comments so why should I then accept comments which can damage things on my site? Or at least are no benefit at all.
We are here to help each other and if we can´t talk positive, neutral or at least without talking things down, then do we don´t just click on the "x" and go to next comment?
At least this is my policy, I have been, but there is a line.

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YanFellow Premium
Hi Jóhann - lots of good and interesting replies here.

I haven't had many Comments and they varied from ok to great :-) but I was able to offer decent replies to them all. Except for the very first Comment I ever received which I disapproved because it was a generic "your site's great, fanatastic article, I really enjoyed reading it..." type. It contributed absolutely nothing either in a positive or negative way.

As Helen mentioned, you can still get value from a negative comment, and if parts are really bad you can edit or delete them.

There are a lot of blogs and training here explaining how to leave a good Comment and if folks want to leave Comments, they need to read them.

I'm sure we all appreciate the fact that you want to help, but at the end of the day, you're paying for this :-) and people need to take note of what's required and comment accordingly.

So don't be afraid of disapproving a comment if it totally misses the mark.

Just my 2d's worth :-)
laparra1 Premium
Good Morning Johann,

I have never disapproved a comment. In 4 cases, with the help of
Site Support, I was able to contact with a PM and explained the problem. These people were happy to rewrite their comment.
It happened recently again that I wanted to contact a person but Site Support said it was against the rules to give this information. I insisted and then I received a message from Kyle who explained it was because of the GDPR rules so it was not possible to give this information even if we are both members of WA. This is something new and I must say I do not like it.
The only option we have is to edit the comment or disapprove, not nice.

Greetings from the south of Spain, Taetske
Noteboom Premium
Ok, thank you for this information.

I understand this even so here the GDPR is a little bit over the bar.

I have been very patient and approve even so it is bad. But when it, I know it is not the purpose, grave under my post I can´t accept it. I take it as I say, if it is original comments, I can answer it. But honestly, I don´t see that I should accept it from one of the WA family!

Hasta pronto!
ShuiHyen Premium
Go to your Site WordPress back office and see is there any pending comment. If yes, then you can see the person who give the comment and their email address, as well.

Just forward him/her an email asking them to amend the comment. And then copy and paste the comment from their email into the comment box.

In case, you don't find any pending comment in your site WordPress back office, do as Helen's suggested.

After all, it's your right to reject or approve a comment.
Noteboom Premium
People should not send it on the WP site. Just in site comments. It is some misunderstanding which starts a few weeks ago.

I know the right but I am just trying to help people.
ShuiHyen Premium
Yes, l know we only can view their comment in the Site Content. The above is just only a suggestion.

I never reject anyone's comment even though they gave a feedback. Instead, l approve the comment and at the WP site, l unapproved their comments and send them an email for amendment. That works for me.
HelenpDoyle Premium
Sometimes you just need to edit for grammar or spelling or wrong words. Lots of us do that.

On the other hand asking them to change their comments completely might be asking them to comment inaccurately to their way of thinking. Not every one will have the same opinion to you. In that case just don't approve them.

After all lots of different points of view are good too. What you need to do is respond to their comment in such a manner that both of you benefit.

I would just like to be able to see who is commenting so I can catch up with them in WA. This is one thing that disappeared with the new commenting format.
Noteboom Premium
Grammar and spelling is no problem at all.

I think it is better to give them a chance to fix it. If they don´t, no problem at all because then I just disapprove it. But I´m suddenly not going to send more than one pm about it.

A different opinion is no problem, talking about things which are not the subject of the post and/or trying to damage with negative comments aren´t.