WA Community of Friends,

Feedback requested, would you consider the message below to be SPAM?

Posted onto a new Premium Member's Profile Page and/or thru a Private Message.

If yes, how would you reword it?

If no, why is it not?

How would you add or subtract from it?

Would the message below help you or would you find it not helpful?

The above questions are simply just a small sample, please think outside of the proverbial box and give me ideas, suggestions, questions etc....


"Welcome to WA Premium Membership my Friend!

Now that You are a Premium Member, one of the huge benefits is the ability to not only place your own website(s) and/or social media page(s) on the bottom right side of your bio in the 7 "FollowMeOn" slots. (Website and Social Media URLs are not allowed in the actual bio itself per Kyle)

You are also able to view Friends who You follow here on WA's website(s) and/or social media site(s) that they share in their 7 slots.

I as well as the entire WA Community are here to assist You when You have questions, contact Your referrer first and foremost but know that we are all here as well.

(Your Referrer is one of the 3 person's who You followed automatically when You joined WA and You most likely received an automated welcome message from him or her about 30 minutes after joining. In the event that Kyle and/or Carson messaged You 1st and You are following just the 2 of them, 1 of them was your referrer)

Once again welcome to WA Premium Membership my Friend,



I sincerely value everyone's opinion, ideas and/or reasons for your thoughts and feelings.

Thank you for sharing & caring,


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joejr49 Premium Plus
Not spam...period.
KennyGlossop Premium
I don’t think it’s spam, your only being welcoming.
Marley2016 Premium
Oh and no I would not consider this Spam even in Live Chat :)
Marley2016 Premium

Considering you one of my closest friends here at WA I am going be totally honest with you - this is a very nice welcome to new Premium Members but they and free members need to understand that they cannot put their URL's in Live Chat also is there a way you can incorporate this into your greeting by chance?

Other than that I find it most appealing and proper!

Your friend,
Susan :)
AtEssentials Premium
Its only spam if the person isn't requesting it.

Its not spam if you post it on your site or social media page, in regards to Facebook, then tag others to your post.

Spamming would be sending that message in their inbox or email when they haven't subscribed or requested any information on WA from you.

My thoughts. Hope that helped.