No name mentioned and if you do see this my friend, please don't take offense!

I am merely making sure that I am not blind in seeing what I see and am asking the community for their assistance.

Below in quotations is the question - Feedback or Comment?

"A well thought out and represented view of a specific online opportunity. Everything is explained really well also using videos to emphasise the facts. It discusses the facts about leads and what they can cost to aquire. It then explains a simple way to overcome the large costs that can be involved in lead acquisition.

There is a good breakdown of all the upgrade levels showing costs and what you can get in each level."

Thank you friends for commenting below with your thoughts and also with your why.

Why do you see the above as feedback and/or why do you see the above as a comment?

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AlexEvans Premium
Hi Tony, kind of like that comment you would get on that essay back at collage, the one where the teacher gives you feedback about the essay generally followed by that D - .......

I kind of see it as feedback, if the person had added some personalization linking the text to their situation it could of tipped into comment land.

I feel that I now understand ..........
I get a lot from reviews like this........
Thank you for the info it has helped me to see ...................
smartketeer Premium
Hi Tony,

In my opinion is a comment.

Why? Because a feedback is much more than a comment. A feedback should be an objective overview on multiple different site-related factors (theme, content, graphics, style, grammar, etc). Which obviously is missing in this case. In your example we have a broad opinion on the topic/article itself.

Do you agree?
Mark120 Premium
Tony, this is neither one nor the other. This is called SUMMARY or ABSTRACT
Shannonkamal Premium
Looks like feedback to me. They’re giving what they view is going on in the article. A comment would be what they are taking from the article
Glen B Premium
This looks like feedback to me as well. The reason I think this is because it is describing the features of the site and not what makes the content good or furthers the discussion on the content which would make it a comment.

- Glen B
merlynmac Premium
This looks to be site feedback or post feedback but not really a comment. To me a comment is talking about the content or asking questions based on the content but not in such a way as to how it's presented, rather more about the actual context of the post. I'm not sure if that makes sense. Basically when I look for comments I'm looking for someone to say "hey, I agree or disagree with your position" or "thanks for the info, what xxx do you recommend or do you recommend x over y and so on".

Comments like great use of video and images is feedback to me.