Feedback or Comment?

Do You know the difference?

Is the below in your opinion a Comment or is it Feedback?

"Your site is different from anything I have ever seen. I can say it does a wonderful job of advertising wealthy affiliate.

With out question your site is unique and interesting. I would have to say that I love the dark background and your color scheme, I like the layout and the training you provide. The only thing I can say I had any issue with was the level of information you have on your page although the information is great it was almost overwhelming to me. If I was to be giving you stars I would say your site is a four and a half. Great work!"

Please share below any internal WA links that explain the difference as well as share your knowledge and experience with the Comment and/or Feedback Platforms here at Wealthy Affiliate.

(I have 38 Comment requests in the system for a few days now & the above is the first response that I have received) (I have also had many more credits returned to me as they were unused and didn't receive interest)

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CavenM Premium
I would say feedback.
juanster2017 Premium
Learned something new Thanks Tony for sharing this post
DawnaJourdan Premium
I would consider this feed back here's why... he starts with a positive statement (what he liked) then he describes his issues what could be better (negative statement) then follows up with an uplifting positive response. the addad boy (great job). Its an old management style technique to coach your employees. So Feedback is the my final answer...
newmarketpro Premium
It's a looongg feedback.
4 and half star rating is not bad Tony. :) :)
Did you explained to him/her the difference between the 2?