Hi all, I just received an email from WA. Please see details below.

"Hi Hugh,

Pay-it-forward by helping out some of your fellow members who have questions that have not yet been answered.

A lot has changed in the year and a half since this was made. Everything is diff

Helping to answer questions will not only be incredibly valuable to the community, it will boost your Member Rank significantly!
Thanks for being a contributing member at Wealthy Affiliate :)

Kyle & Carson

It looks like an email from WA, but the link "A lot has changed..." is pointing to a live training session "Your Google Mobile Rankings AMPed!" which was recorded on Jan 21, 2017.

Has anyone experienced similar WA emails like this before?

Thank you in advance.


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marmar463 Premium
No, I have not experienced any emails like this before sorry I couldn't have been more help to you.
louisaparson Premium
I started receiving these emails once I showed an interest in the Ambassador badge. I make comments on these blogs as suggested to earn Ambassador credit.

Hope this helps,

hugh9905 Premium
Thanks, Louisa. I went to the money goals post and replied to a new member, probably that was why I got the email.

But it is still wired that the link is pointing to an irrelevant live training session.

MariaB4 Premium
Hi and welcome to WA!

The email contains questions which are not answered and your contribution will help you to boot your member rank.

I hope it helps.