Happy Thanksgiving!

I have 2 domains affiliated with the same website, 1 of which is not the final name I decided to demonstrate for my final website and its url. Do I have to auto-renew this one or just keep the other one auto+renewed?

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AbieAJ Premium Plus

You don't have if you do not want to, you'd receive an email notification a month from it expiration.

However, if you want the domain to be of going concern, you might as well auto renew.

Totally your choice.

You may do ON | OFF via Site Domains.

AbieAJ Premium Plus
According to your notes and image below, did you transfer one domain in, because you would have paid an additional year.

Is this the case?
JeffreyBrown Premium
The one that you don't want keep OFF of auto-renew, then it will simply expire, Elijah!

IvanBroz Premium
Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you’re doing well, Elijah.

Leave auto renew for the domain name you want to use. If the other one is not important, or you don’t have any plans to use it, you don’t have to renew it.
lesabre Premium
I would follow Lisa's advice.
LMH1968 Premium Plus
if you are not using it don't renew it.