I realized that in the last couple of weeks, it was impossible to get a comment on SiteComment platform.
I got two messages like this:
Recently you submitted request(s) for SiteComments on questforonlineincome.com, however we the request has not received all of the comments requests, so we've cancelled the following requests:
My posts were on the subject fo affiliate marketing.

Do your comments get commented on SiteComment ?


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ElaineSmith1 Premium
I usually have no problems. But haven't requested in a few weeks.

Tried and True

mbouteiller Premium
I received the same message a week ago from WA Team when I requested 5 comments and I was 1 comment short. They gave me several suggestions, one, in particular, was to spread it over 7, 10 or more days. I'm fine with that.

Actually, it looks like I just received my 5th comment.
HeidiY Premium
I wonder if there is some gremlin in the system lately. There is a comment in live chat about a heaps of posts being cancelled and no refund of credits. I waited almost a week to get a response/comment which is highly unusual.
ericcantu Premium Plus
I use it for every new article I write. Sometimes it helps to request the comments over a period of a week or more instead of all at once. I use it and also the give and take comment thread forum with every post I publish.
AlexMi Premium
I do something similar but for last two posts i couldn't get comments for almost 15 days.
TurboEric Premium
I haven’t used the SiteComment feature in a while. I’m starting to get daily comments on it’s own. However, let me go try it out right now.