Do people have to be a WA member to purchase domain name through WA?

Scenario - I'm wanting to set up a website for someone under my membership & they are wanting to purchase a domain name.
Can they purchase domain via my aff link?

Many thanks for your help :)

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Kyle Premium
They would have to be within a different account, but they could in theory purchase a domain here. They would need a premium account here.

Otherwise though, if you want to host this domain within your account you would purchase through your profile (which you don't get an affiliate commission for, your referral would).

Hope this clarifies.
BrigitteB Premium
Thanks Kyle
If I purchase under my name wouldn't the domain be registered to me instead of the person wanting that domain?
MarionBlack Premium
@Kyle I thought that starter members could purchase a domain name too. But would have to be a premium member to have it hosted here. Please let me know if I'm wrong.