Did you know that Free Starter Members can't see our websites?

I didn't know that until just recently and I've been a member since June 2015

Is this a new thing or has it always been this way?

As a Premium Member, I have always known that we can list our website(s) and social media site(s) at the bottom right on our WA Profiles and that Starter Members can't but I never knew that Starter Members can't even see any of the Premium Members websites and/or Social Media sites.

I also not long ago found out that we aren't allowed to have our website(s) and/or social media site(s) listed within our bio here at WA either.

How many are still doing this?

When did that change or has it always been that way?

Another reason for upgrading to being a Premium Member at WA!

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joejr49 Premium Plus
I was just thinking, Tony, that if the Starter Member joined through one of our WA Affiliate websites, that is at least one website they have access to, and they can communicate with the site owner through website comments.

Not the best, but like you said, a good reason to go Premium.
GomMagtibay Premium
There was a blog post of me here complaining about that thing, that I was looking for a way to get in touch more with our Starter Members. There was a long discussion, and the end conclusion for me is, to utilize email marketing and building relationship with our list before they even get to join us in Wealthy Affiliate.
Roybretton Premium Plus
Thank you for the blog post-Tony, I am never quite sure what starter membership includes, as when I joined Wealthy Affiliate I went straight to premium!

I believe that it was your good self Tony that reminded us that we cannot put our website links, (I didn't know this at the time) within our bio, however, we can put them down the right-hand side of the profile page, as you rightly mentioned.

Enjoy your day Tony,

Easy-Moneys Premium
I did not know that FREE WA Members could not see our "Follow Me on" links? What a shame! We are the ones paying Premium and we should be able to get the most exposure for that expense.

This is one area in WA that I am not entirely happy with - in the training Kyle includes his Google + and Carsons etc ....but we cannot include ours?

There seems to be some imbalances sometimes. I get the desire to prevent spam overall but when people ask to see "how you do things on your website?", we must be so careful about how to share the information!

Your Friend,

herinnelson Premium
I knew that we're not supposed to list our websites/social media in our bio, but didn't know that Starter Members can't list their sites or see ours if we are a Premium Member. Thanks for the heads up, Tony! How in the world did you find that out?

Newbies often give me their site links for suggestions and I refer them instead to my profile page under "Follow me at." I also give them my SPAM blog link to learn about not posting links.

Thanks, Tony--very good to know! See you around again!