Hello Guys, hope you all are farring well in this uncertain times?

Please I have recently been experiencing constant drop in my mobile usage pages on Search Console and I dont understand why since I haven't done anything different or any significant change on my site to warrant this.

Any advice on howto deal with this will be highly appreciated.

Thanks in anticipation.

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Mick-D Premium
Hi Nnakife,
I was checking my site loading speeds the other day and most of my desktop speeds were excellent. Many 100's among them.

The speeds on my mobile were another story completely. many were at 40's. I refreshed a couple that were showing 40, they went down to the mid 20's.

I looked at the google data, and it was telling me my image's needed optimization. Went to my site put my image loading on lazy load and still the mobile speeds were s l o ..w.

I Contacted site support
They came back and said Google is saying my images needed optimization.

My site speeds on mobile have never really been great, but a bit of a disappointment to see them down there.
The other thing, I submitted a new post for indexing the other day, and Google told me the page was mobile friendly, as were all my other pages..

I am not sure if you can just put it down to Covid, Nnakife...You might want to go check your site health and see where to go from there.
Stay Safe
Nqueen Premium
Thanks, Greensail, I like the "down to COVID" idea, lol, who knows it probably might be.
My site health is in good shape and yes my mobile pages have been bouncing up and down but mostly in the 60s and 70s and rarely ever down to 40s.
But I never experienced any fall in mobile usability all the while until lately even though nothing specific has changed.
Maybe I am just overreacting but then we will see.
Thanks for your help.
ChrystopherJ Premium Plus
Mobile Usage might be dropping but is Desktop Usage going up?

How do your overall stats look? Are they also dropping, staying the same or increasing?

Depending on your niche, it might just be due to everyone being in lockdown. As they are not out and about, they might be using their desktops/laptops to access your website.

You always need to look at stats in context, and not just one particular aspect, thinking it's something that you have done. Outside factors can also play a huge role, and you need to look at the bigger picture.

Hope that helps,
Nqueen Premium
Thanks, Christopher for your response, I guess that does make sense.
And yes my desktop usage keeps going higher while the mobile drops but from your point of view I guess that could be the reason why.
Once again thanks for taking the time to respond.
ChrystopherJ Premium Plus
You're welcome, I'm glad your overall stats are still increasing :-)