Is anyone else finding they do not get an answer to a private message to Kyle, Carson or Marcus? This is really frustrating? Do they no answer private messages?

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Carson Premium Plus Featured Comment
Hey Ally, will check and see if I missed your message somehow. Hold tight :)
GeoffreyC1 Premium
There you go lol!!
BruceFleming Premium
Appreciate your efforts to keep current. If you could add an autoresponder to the package it would make it much more salable.
Bald Eagle Premium
I've always struggled to get hold of either to the point where I no longer try.
They are extremely busy and get thousands of messages a day.
I guess it is what they prioritise
AbieAJ Premium Plus
Yes they do, they answer to PM's. I don't know about Marcus tho.

Kyle & Carson are also available in LC at different times during the day.