I clicked ''offer comments" and offered my comments on 4 sites on siterubix platform.
Three were disapproved citing that they asked for feedback not comments.
They were not negative in anyway. I do not want to offend anyone but I don't know what to do about this as I did click the comment button.
Am I missing something?
Can someone please help me with this, I don't think I will be offering comments anymore, therefore I will not be able to Request either.

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bbyard Premium
Thank you
I guess my comments are not comments.
I will go read your blog and see how what i have been writing does not comply with the requests. I always read through before writing a comment
Thanks again for taking to time to respond
christianWA Premium
Sorry you're going through this. I've seen a lot of people are having an issue with the SiteRubix comments right now. I'm guessing here, but it seems to me that what we are experiencing is a growing pain in that area of WA right now. Last year, those of us participating in that exchange were suffering an onslaught of comments that were absolutely atrocious. It was so frustrating that I even wrote a blog about it here. I was getting comments from folks who had obviously not even read my post at all. Because it costs 2 comments to get one, that quickly became very frustrating.

I think what we are currently experiencing is Kyle and Carson trying to reign that in a little bit. Please stick with it. Eventually your comment ban will be lifted and you'll be able to participate again. I know it's frustrating. If you would like me to comment on one of your posts, let me know where and I'll go make one for you, free of charge. :)

Keep working on your site. Success will come if you follow the advice you get here on WA.