Having a very hard time getting into my account. The only browser I can use is Chrome. I'm used to using explorer, but it won't work. Has my membership log-in been comprised? Could You check it out for me please?
Deanna Martin

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BrightSales Premium
This is strange. You are able to message us here which means you are logged into your account. If you had set up your account in which when you have a notification from W.A. sent to your e-mail, and if you click on that notification, you will be logged in automatically without needing to logged in with a password manually. Once there, you can reset your password. If you can't remember your password when asked when resetting your password, contact support to get help. I wish you the best!
AbieAJ Premium
Hi, I assume you may be logged in from a mobile device.

If you didn't share your account with anyone else, it would not have been compromised.

I suggest you try download a different browser example firefox, opera or brave browsers.

Try log in again, if still unable to , you could always reset your password, link would be sent to your yahoo account.

If all fail, you may try reach out to support for a resolution

keishalina9 Premium
hey hi Deanna ....

actually by seeing your question here, you are already on the WA platform ...

if you're still continuing to experience log in issues, suggest you fill in the prompts here >


hope it all works out for you ... :)