I used to have the account under username email"jasonswa25@gmail.com" and jbguitar being my username but thought I cancelled it. I signed up under a new username "munkeysapien@gmail.com" and username LevlUp and bought a website "roleplayersketches.com" thinking I was under my new account. Apparenty I wasn't. I was wondering if this website could get transferred to my new account?

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Hackerist Premium
Contact support.

LevlUp Premium Plus
I've contacted Kyle about it. Site support is only good to fix sites that are under your account. That's why I need to transfer it. Thanks tho
AbieAJ Premium Plus

Is the other account (old) active? Has the site passed the 60 days?

Because site support back ups are available for 60 days from time subscription expires if that's the case, unless you backed it up.