can you share WA blog on social media if the blog can appeal to a wider audience,

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NicoleJBN Premium
You can technically use the link as shown as in the browser address bar. However, as it has been mentioned before, it's better to use the affiliate link. This will grant you credit and possible commissions.

If you use the affiliate link, make sure you "mask" (cloak) it. It's highly likely that any social media network will "detect" the affiliate link and won't let you post it.

Loes recently wrote an awesome training about how to share blogs on social media without problems. :)
johnwnewman Premium
Yep, copy your affiliate link and you will get credit if someone signs up to WA.
PMbaluka Premium
Yes littlemama has a point. Just follow that
littlemama Premium Plus
Yes you can, if it's your own WA blog, you just have to use the link in your browser. You will get credit because you're the author.

If it's someone else's WA Blog, just use the link in the Affiliate button underneath the title.