I would like to make sure that the list of those following me are in the order with the most recent showing first, with the oldest further down. I just went onto that section and it is not in the same order I left it at. I don't want to miss responding to anybody. How can I set that list to the order I need it to be in?

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CMKetay Premium
Thanks, guys! I thought that was the case...until I went on and it was suddenly different than it had been, not even 5 minutes earlier. I don't know why it shifted out of what had been the order. So, I jumped out of it and went to something else after asking the question. Grabbed a brownie and a glass of milk - figured I had earned it - and got back into it. Son of a gun....it's back the original way it had been. I'm so confused!!!! (of course, that's not hard!)

Thanks everybody!!! Christine
MRRSP Premium
You just needed a brownie for it to work lol

The same thing has happened to me a couple of times. Sometimes my new followers don't show up till the next day. I always go through my email notifications to make sure I don't miss any.
Clarence7 Premium
CM confused. I don't think so. Smile.
MariaDale Premium Plus
I do not know how to do that, I always assumed that the "latest" follower is the one shown most recent.

Maybe one of the site techs will chime in on this one! Seems there is a lot of interest in knowing the answer.
Mick18 Premium
Great question. I don't have an answer but would be interested in knowing if you can.
Carson2 Premium
Great question. I look forward to hearing the answer. Carson2
Dave07 Premium
HI Christine
My followers are in chronological order of following. I dont think you can change that....

But then I never tried...