As a starter I try to share my experiences with WA. That are very good experiences. (Far above my expectations at first sight). But I can not write as much about WA. Can I write about other topics?

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thriver Premium
Absolutely. Jump in.
Wayne Wallace Premium
Sure, share what you know
KD6PAO Premium
Hi got the experts advise!
Carson Premium Plus
Hi Warner,

Are you referring to blogging on your website? If so, you can write about anything that you wish that will be relevant to your audience and help inform them.

If you are referring to your personal profile blog here at WA, you can use this to ask questions, get help, or talk about your experience here at WA and how you are doing. As long as the topic is about online business and does not contain any links to products or services you will be just fine!

Anything unrelated to online business can be added to your website. I'd suggest keeping your blogs highly relevant to your niche.

Warner43 Premium
It was about the blogs connected to my profile. Thanks for your explanation!
lanesamarie Premium
Yes, as long that it's not a spam:)
Warner43 Premium
Thanks! It will not be spam :).