Hi WA Family,

Can I still resize an embedded youtube video - block?

Best regards,

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AbieAJ Premium Plus

You may switch ON Resize for smaller devices
This embed will preserve its aspect ratio when the browser is resized. (Right of block editor)

Inspected it in Google on a mobile | tablet it seems great.

That's without editing the HMTL
AbieAJ Premium Plus
You may also check below resource

ParthaB Premium
Hey Peter,

All blocks have an "Edit as HTML" feature.

If you've added your video via the YouTube block you should still be able to do this.

You can of course add an HTML block and then paste in the embed code you get from YouTube.

Either way, once you click on the block, click on the 3 dots on the right-hand side and select "Edit as HTML" this will give you the HTML code.

You'll see the length and width numbers for the video.

I like to have mine at 560 and 315, but you can change them to what you like.

Once completed click on "Edit Visually" and this will save your new size of YouTube video.

Does that make sense?

Peterke Premium
Hi Partha,

Thanks for your answer but I know how to do that... I just found a bug concerning the "width" I changed and isn't shown in the preview (in block)...

This is what I send to site support: they will have a look and respond me asap...

HTML-block 1 preview in block: here you see the original

HTML 2-block 2 is showing me the changes I've made: Changed the height from 315 to 215, the width from 560 to 360, the 2 tags <center> and </center> in front and back...

HTML-block 2-preview in block: here you see that only the height has been changed, not the width...

But in the "Preview in new tab" you do see the adjusted width...