Hi everyone,

As as started to build my website and work on my niche then I have done the all five level of training here in WA, since I have moved forward to the Bootcamp training to promote WA, the question is can I promote WA on the same website that I have built for my niche or should I build a new one?

Thank you

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ERichardson1 Premium
Good afternoon my friend, the answer to your question is yes, however you're going to have some that will say that you should make sure that your website is about affiliate marketing. However my website is about staying in good health , however I promote wealthy affiliate also, so the bottom line is it's up to you, it's your web site.
lightnshadow Premium
Hi to Everyone,
A quick question on the subject.
Once you've chosen your niche, for example, affiliate marketing tips, is it better to use a parallax scrolling site or a static homepage style website? @J-Kwest
J-KWest Premium
Best practice is...

one-audience = one niche = one website

When your topics become too broad or varied you risk falling into the category of "lifestyle blog" and both Google and your audience will have difficulty understanding what your blog is about.

This is a particular problem with search engines because as independent bloggers... we will rarely if ever be seen as an authority in "multiple" niches unless those niches are closely related and we do double the work to compete with sites in each respective niche.

But even then it's hard.

You might be in the make money from home niche... but a site that ONLY talks about affiliate marketing for example will not do as well trying to rank for keywords related to multi-level-marketing as a dedicated MLM site will.

And vice-versa.

Then you have cryptocurrencies, online surveys, work at home "jobs", biz ops, email marketing, and so on.... each one slightly different.

And this is not just an issue with search engines, but audiences too.

If you're trying to bring people to Wealthy Affiliate... an audience interested in cryptocurrencies is entirely different than one who is interested online surveys.

An online survey audience is entirely different than an email marketing audience, and so on...

Your approach to introducing each audience to Wealthy Affiliate is completely different and some audiences will convert better than others.

Some won't convert at all.

But... in most cases if you target two unrelated niches, your site will be seen as a generic blog struggling to find an identity... which isn't a problem if you have a team of writers like Life Hacker or Forbes knocking out one or two dozen articles a day. But even those sites fall into a relatively narrow spectrum of topics.

Hope that helps a little 😊

Sytemsinc Premium
Wow! This has done a great job at confusing me completely... Thank you!
maxmillion18 Premium
This is a great response. Thank you. I was asking myself the same question initially but in the end started 3 domains for 2 niches and one for WA.
Probably too much to handle right now so I will concentrate on developing one site for the remainder of my training lessons and just occasionally add an article to the others. Then develop the others only once the first one starts generating visitors and commissions. That's the plan anyway.
Azizmj Premium
Hi, as I'm a part of SAC challenge there is one task that asks you to write a WA review in 1500+ words, so I was thinking it could be one page/post under navigator menu on my website that promoting WA, but my niche is totally not related to Affiliate marketing, so should I skip this task for now and move on? or should I create one separated website to promote WA?
but as it has been taught in the training and as you mentioned: one audience = one niche = one website, we must focus on one website until we master it then we can think to have multitasked web

In short, I must focus on one website so far, and promoting WA will come, later on, true?
maxmillion18 Premium
Yes I agree. And that is my plan.
J-KWest Premium
Yes... unless it has changed this year the SAC group is primarily for those with bootcamp sites in the make-money-online niche. Of course there is a ton of knowledge and wisdom you can apply to any niche, but again... unless it has changed for 2019, the specifics of that challenge are meant to run along side the bootcamp training (which is different than the Online Certification Training).
TheCatherine Premium
It is always better to promote wealthy affiliates on a separate make money online site. The reason for this is because you are targeting people want to earn more money. Clarity of purpose is very important.

However, that is not to say you can't have one page and say a weight loss niche blog which says "would you like to have a website like this one?" Under that page, you could write a review of wealth you affiliates and explain once you found the site you had the knowledge to build a professional website like the one you're reading et cetera
Azizmj Premium
I was thinking to create one page or one menu under navigator menu which is I can promote for WA, but my niche is totally not related to making money niche, so I will focus on my current niche once I master in this business, I will create one separate website for WA promotion.

Thank you for your help
KenShaddock Premium
You can do as you ask. But it has the best effect if your niche is in the similar field like self help or online business ideas etc.
If you attach it to a niche that is totally different like "how to groom your dog" say, then those who read and/or follow your site wont be attracted to your WA link as it doesn't relate.
Azizmj Premium
Thank you, Ken, that was clear enough