I took advantage of the Black Friday Special and now that I'm Yearly Premium will it be safe to disable the Auto Renew feature of my WA website domain?

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TomasB Premium Plus
Thank you all for responding.I was under the impression that Yearly Premium membership included domain registration.
jvranjes Premium
I assume you are talking about WA hosting and not about domain. So when you disable it, you will start receiving automated messages, 'we are sorry to see you leaving...".
MarionBlack Premium
I disable Auto Renew for all my domain names. I get notifications when they're due for renewal and then I renew them manually.
theresroth Premium
Are membership and domain payment period not separate?
I have about 6 domains here at WA, created on vastly different dates, and I assume that the payment period expires and needs renewal on the same dates in 2017......