i think i give up, i tried to create a website-no no and no!
I can not do that!I want to cry and scream!

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Aristides03 Premium
You are not alone, start watching the training again and be patient you will get the hang of it but remember be patient and take it one step at a time.
Foxhenley Premium
How old are you?
45,does it matter
Foxhenley Premium
To me, it does matter. I expect more from an adult.
I expect an adult to try and do something, and if it's building a website at Wealthy Affiliate it is very easy.
It takes about 4 steps! And they do most of it!
You start by telling if you own your domain name for your website!
Answer the next question, and go from there!
If you can't do it from there, come back and click on my picture and leave a message. I will come back and help you.
mmonterola Premium
Follow the training and you can make one. Kyle's training is easy to follow. Start with choosing your niche and everything will follow. Good luck! Don't give up. Marita