Can I edit an article that is on my blogroll?

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keishalina9 Premium
hey hi Peter! ... yes! ...

And it looks like Julia (Julia39) has a most helpful reply for you....

keep well, stay strong,

all the very best, cheerio ... :)
Julia39 Premium
Of course if you are talking about a post, you just added and wanted to update it, you simply go to the end of post, you will see edit, click on it and it will take you back to your post ready to make or add changes, save it and then update it.
Or go to posts all posts on side bar click on it then it will take you to the back end where it will feature all your posts locate it and click on it then you can make changes there. Hope that helps.
Peterke Premium
Thank you very much !
PhoenixFlame Premium
JKulk1 Premium
Yes you can. As long as you don't change the URL. You can add more information or update the blog at anytime. Jim
Peterke Premium
Thanks !
AbieAJ Premium
Short answer is yes.