I was just going through the WA comment section and it says that if I offer 50 comments, have more than 80% approval and skip rate less than 20% then I could become a verified commenter and I could earn real money commenting on other people.

Can someone shed light on how this thing works?

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EdwinBernard Premium
Your assessment is correct. You earn one credit for providing comments for each website. You need two credits to request one comment on your Blog article. After you complete 50 comments that meet the criteria you mentioned you will become a certified commenter qualified to get paid cash credits in additional to the normal comment credit.

When you are sent a notice that you have a site comment match, provide a comment promptly. Often as soon as you complete that you will receive another request.

Not all requests for comments have a $0.50 cash award offer. Most do. Earning this will not make you rich!

I find earning comment credits far more valuable than the cash. Build up as large a credit bank as you can for this reason.

You can make requests for comments to your own website(s). Even when you request one comment, the chances are you will receive several.

This adds value to your website and helps your article ranking higher by Google. They love to see activity on a website, in content creation as well as in visitor engagement through comments.

When you receive comments, check to see if they are relevant to your request. If so, respond to give the commenter a feeling that their comment was appreciated. If the comment was not relevant, reject it. The more you do this it will help you.

I hope this helps.


Ambuj1 Premium
Hi Edwin,

Thanks for the deep insight. Made many things more clear. Really appreciate your response.
Kettei Premium
It's probably worth adding that only good quality comments will be accepted. Many people, when the paid incentive was introduced, started leaving short or irrelevant comments just to boost their earnings. Some of them weren't even legible!

Kyle has made it quite clear to all of us that we are to reject these comments so please bear this in mind if you get a comment rejected.
LemuelSacop Premium
Hi Kettei,

Is this via SiteComments or the give and take thread?
LemuelSacop Premium
Is this via SiteComments or the give and take thread?