I need to communicate with the billing department...it's rather urgent. Can anyone help me?

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MarionBlack Premium
You may find this quicker than sending a private message to Kyle
unclejaz Premium
it turns out that you're right...got a reply quickly. Thanks, Marion.
Triblu Premium
Hey James,

You can reach Kyle in a private message: https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/message/kyle and simply click on Billing & Membership for this issue.

Hope you find this helpful.
Rupert4U Premium Plus
Hello James, I usually write SiteSupport whenever I get stuck on administration things and then they somehow get the right people involved. Here is the way to get it... Problem with your website "Yes", specifically "other", and then write a concise description of the problem with an ask for them to arrange someone to look into it for you. Sometimes that worked for me. The SiteSuport people really are amazing. Rupert.
unclejaz Premium
I just did that and you made me feel ok about it. lol. Thanks.
Calvinator63 Premium
Hi James,

I fit is an urgent issue I would go ahead and contact Kyle directly through his email address Kyle@wealthyaffiliate.com as far as I know there is no actual billing department per se.

I believe that they handle the billing directly themselves (IDK - I may be wrong on that).

Don't expect a quick reply,
(they receive tons of emails and messages daily)

unclejaz Premium
Thanks, Calvin. Take care.