At WordPress to get more audience I must upgrade??

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LynneClay Premium
Hi Dan,
I believe this is for people who are not on a hosted site like WA. It sounds to me like they want to host your website. You don't need this because you are already at WA and they are hosting your website. I hope this helps answer your question.
Wdcope Premium
I agree with Lilly.
Aussiemuso Premium
What you have in your wordpress is all you need to write content for your website. Although, I would suggest that while you are learning you write your content in the Site Content section as you can use a template to give you the best structure.

Wishing you heaps of success
Lily 😊🎶
TMalinga1 Premium
I received this message from WordPress

Hi Dan,

I'm Anne from, and I wanted to congratulate you on your first month building your site with us. It’s our goal to continue helping you grow your audience and spread your message.

That’s why we want to celebrate your site’s one-month birthday by offering you an opportunity to upgrade to our Personal plan so you can claim a unique web address (we call it a custom domain name) for your site. Your domain will be free for one year!

With Personal, you can expect access to valuable features like:

A custom domain name to help more visitors find and remember your site.
Access to email and live chat support.
6 GB of storage space for images, documents, and audio.
Removal of ads on your site.
To get instant access to these features and more (for just $4.00 per month, billed yearly), click the button below.

Upgrade My Site
We hope to hear from you soon,

Anne F.,

P.S. If you’re looking to grow your audience and further customize your site, upgrading to Personal is the best next step (and you’ll only need to invest $4.00 a month). Click the button above and we’ll see you inside!
Aussiemuso Premium
This sounds like a nice offer but I've never heard of it before.

Could I suggest that you send a message to Kyle or Carson with a copy of this to see what they think. It could be legitimate but you don't need it.

Warm regards
Lily 😊🎶
Scwebu Premium
No. You get more traffic by publishing content of high quality, and you can share your articles through social media or email.