I've asked as I noticed there is one member having the same profiles using 2 different usernames.

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moochie Premium
You should have only 1 account and 1 user name. I would contact Kyle.
GinaGo Premium
I have been wondering about that myself. What I would like is a 2nd account that is just a starter account so I can use it as a comparison tool on the differences between the starter and premium memberships. I know there is a chart, but I would like to use it and have the experience of it. I have a WA promotion site so that is why I am interested.
Larry_T Premium
Interesting question. I am trying to figure out why anyone would want two accounts or two usernames
DLK15467 Premium
Good feedback and responses to your question.
pinkabella Premium
I cant see why you would need two accounts. I don't think it is allowed but if you ask Loes she will give you an idea of who the scammers are she has wrote a blog as there is a couple of spammers on here.
MarionBlack Premium
Are they premium or free members? Maybe one member copied and pasted the other one's profile because they didn't know how to do their own.
mackiejw Premium
Do the names end with '2015'?
ferdie1259 Premium
No, just another member. I don't know what's the purpose of this member.
nathaniell Premium
No, you should just have one profile, one username. Perhaps they changed it? Not really sure what happened, but you can change your username in your acct settings if need be: https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/home/my_profile
Loes Premium
I changed my usersname, you don't get two profiles by that, the old one just doesn't exist anymore