I want to make my first training...not yet about content like I promised but about an other burning issue...am I allowed to use a real life example (comment) from my website or is this foreseen as spam? In which case I will try to make something up

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theresroth Premium
The best in my minimal experience, is to call up related trainings from the top white bar, and make sure the topic isn't oversaturated, if only one or maybe two trainings on it are there, you may still have good results with a unique take or highly current information.

And, of course, be as sure as you can that there are no conceptual errors-that happened to me once.
And be sure to save drafts if you have to interrupt - - onto your device as well!

Best of Luck☺☺☺☺☺

PS: about the other, I agree with Robert....
GautamWorld Premium
Someone else had asked this question. Grace, I think. Members suggested she use original contents.

May be you can take a final decision after checking more answers.
Robert-A Premium
Go ahead and use real life.
If you're making something up - whats the point?
Happy New Year.
Enjoy your Monday.