After the website is created and the items are chosen, once they start selling and I earn my 6% or whatever back do the other companies like eBay, Amazon, etc ask for a cut as well?

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AlexEvans Premium
Most affiliate programs are free to join, If folks purchase products or services through your affiliate link you are paid a commission.
It doesn't cost you any fees, usually.
If you are selling products or services of your own then you will be charged a fee by the platform that is providing the service.
For example selling, a domain name on filppa.
HelenpDoyle Premium
These groups do take a cut else they wouldn't make any money. Just thinking about it, they might take the cut either before or after your commission comes out. If you find out please let me know.
Belden Premium
The companies like eBay and Amazon will pay you commissions and it is totally free to join their affiliate programs.