I recently became a certified commenter, but still have not been receiving cash credits. I know there have been others experiencing the same thing. I recently read that one didn't start earning until after surpassed 60 comments or so while some others said it happened immediately after 50. Are any others still experiencing the same thing that I am?

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TommyVTE Premium
I thought I read something about the wait for 30 days
Have a great day
marmar463 Premium
I am not able to answer that because I can't I just started using the Site Comments so I am not exactly sure how it works.

davehayes Premium
I'm not quite in that posistion yet, so unable to comment sorry
nsilva2270 Premium
Great question. I still have to check out SiteComments but its good to have the info beforehand. Thanks!.
JamesJB Premium
I heard you have to wait 30 days...