So I've noticed my publishing frequency within SiteRubix's SiteHealth meter jump from 70% to 40% in just a few days time.

Sometimes it'll take more than a week for it to go down 10%.

Sometimes it takes 3 days for it to go down 30%.

It makes me feel weird when I had created content on my site for a few days in a row and then I sometimes just don't align with having to write content in a day so I take a day or two to be away from the computer.

BUT, my other site which I'm publishing around the same frequency is still sitting at 80%. Good to go.

So really what my question means, does anyone know the actual algorithm or how this [art of SiteHealth actually works? Because I know that comments count as content. And to me, sometimes editing existing posts which are already ranked can also count as content since Google's bots see it as website updates?

I just don't like seeing it in the red but I'd also like to be able to keep working how I am working because instead of running 1 website, I'm now running 3.

Does anyone know how it actually works?? Like how does this SiteHealth portion dictate your "publishing frequency"? I'm guessing it has something to do with how long your site has been around as well as your blog posts...?


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mijareze Premium
I didn't know there is a site health percentage number, only that I have seen my site read pretty good and now it reads awesome. Perhaps someone can tell me where you find the percentage number. Thanks,
ColtonJames Premium
Drop down arrow right next to where it says that your site is awesome!
Rich908 Premium
A very good question and aptly answered by the experts
TheOldSilly Premium
Good question, and I see Kyle responded, which is good.

I also wonder about this, because I have a niche site which I am ALWAYS - I mean almost EVERY day, adding a new page or 2 or 3 or more, editing and improving page content, and engaging with readers' comments ...

and yet, if I don't publish a new POST on the home page for a few days, my publishing frequency will drop by 10%, 20% ...

so this really doesn't jive with what Kyle said ... what really gives here?
ColtonJames Premium
Every day you're adding new pages?

I know that Kyle mentioned that pages equates to overall publishing frequency but I haven't personally focused on what pages do for the indication overall. The bulk of my websites are blog posts and I know for a fact that for every post I add, I get 10% more publishing frequency on my SiteHealth.

With that said, I'm off to writing another post ;D
TheOldSilly Premium
Yes, because my site is all about ethnic foods from cultures around the world. And each recipe (which is a sub-parented-page, under the culture's page) gets its own print-friendly page. I have 600+ pages so far, and add more every day.

To me, this is definitely "Publishing Frequently", right?

But if I fail to publish a new post on the home page for more than a couple days, my pub frequency rating drops.
ColtonJames Premium
Nice page count :D

I'd have to agree that yes, that should tie in to your publishing frequency. However keep in mind that it is more important to know that your new pages, which is new content, is being indexed and noticed by Google. Which is much more important than getting noticed through the publishing frequency portion of WA's SiteHealth.

Google sees all new content, so I'd say that you're still golden even if the SiteHealth says otherwise.
TheOldSilly Premium
Totally agree. And I make sure ALL of my pages are well SEO'd. I even did a training here at WA about that:
RobVallair Premium
Wow. Great question. Thanks Kyle for a quick answer on this one.
Kyle Premium Plus
It is based primarily on new posts/pages that you add to your site. I don't add posts to some of my sites every week, but I do continue to always add content.

Also comments like you said are a big part of the overall site content and your website appearing active to Google and other search engines, so if you are doing this yet your posting activity is a bit more stagnant you can still retain and improve rankings.
ColtonJames Premium
Sweet, thanks for reaching out Kyle.

I have a ton of comments on the site that has red site health right now, so thanks for clearing that up. My rankings haven't moved at all and I'm pretty sure that it is because of me engaging with the plethora of blog comments that come my way.

Obviously I'm going to keep adding content though, I just won't be looking at SiteHealth the way I always used to. Like looking at it as my ticket to rankings I guess because there's more than just adding posts that equates to overall content and rankings.

Again, thanks for clearing this up brotha! :D