i have added some a amazon links to one of ,y pages and it is nit working and when i follow the lesson it does not add them either what could i be doing wrong

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DianeScorpio Premium
Hi - take a look at this video.
Palatia Premium
If you are adding a link to a picture or text, (turning it into a link), then use the straight URL link. i.e. https://youraffiliateproduct.com/affiliatewhatever.

If you're placing a link that includes it's own text or image of the product, use the HTML link. i.e. image or text type of link.

I hope this helps.

Palatia Premium
It didn't like my example of the affiliate link but you'll know it by it looking like code.
Goganmweb Premium
Will try doing this but I am not sure I really get it.when using CB hoplinks.