I have question regarding the affiliate link button that I can find in every page here at WA. May I share that to my website? or that link only for the member?

If I may, how does the other person will see the page? I have tried to copy and paste, since my computer has cookies, so it is always shown my dashboard. If I share a video or training section, would the other person can see the content of the video or training section, or they have to be a member (Log in to WA) to see that.

Thank you for helping me.

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Zaintlee Premium
Yes, I believe you could share them, but you won't be able to show some of the contents to non members.
Semar Premium
Thanks Zaintlee
ChrystopherJ Premium
You can share them yes, but not all content is visible. If you open a different browser or open in Incognito mode, you can see what a non-member will see.
Semar Premium
Thank you Chrystopher