Hi Guys, hope you all are doing great?

just a quick one here please, has anyone been affiliated with a company that required them to submit a W-8 BEN form,{mostly for those from the UK}

I have gone through it and do have a grasp of what it is all about but I am not sure how to go about it or or if its okay to give out all the required infrmation, hence me need for clarification from someone that has actually used it.

So if you have, can you kindly clear me on how to go about this. i.e,

Do I need to involve a financial advisor? which I dont have at the moment.

Do I need to include my NI number in the form

And does this have any effect with my tax back home?

Any help will be highly appreciated. Thanks.

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DianeScorpio Premium
Hi - I have seen similar forms. Basically you just have to find the option where you state you have nothing to do with the US. No earnings, no employees, no website based in the US.

If it asks for a Tax Identification Number, then yes, you put your NI number.

As regards taxes, strictly speaking, you are self-employed, but I wouldn't advise that you actually register yourself as that with HMRC. If you have another job, it will mess up your tax code, and you will be expected to pay further National Insurance.
Nqueen Premium
Thank you very much Diane, you've really cleared me on this, as i was worried about it messing up with my details with the HMRC.

I will go with your advice until I need to make any further declarations in the future.

Appreciate your effort. Thanks.
JohnJStanley Premium Plus
I think I filled out one of these when joining Amazon affiliate program. Helens comments are what I remember too.
I'm from Australia and was able to figure it out.
I think it is just to do with withholding of US taxes from the source I.e. Sales in USA.
from memory it was better to answer that your sales are outside the USA. Which should be true if your audience is global.

Im not sure what a NI number is, is that a U.K. Tax identifier number ?

"does this have any effect with my tax back home?"
To make it easier on yourself, this Is what I am doing, IF I earn enough to have tax withheld, fine let the US government have it.
Then I would report the NET ie gross income less any tax withheld as my income in my home country.

Please let me know if you need anymore help and perhaps a USA resident could comment here to help
Nqueen Premium
Thanks, John. I really appreciate your help.
I will look at things from your perspective too.
Helen123 Premium Plus
Is this for Amazon.com.. I’ve done that, and In fact need to update it before December as it’s changed slightly.. but as my base is UK it’s to make sure amazon.com don’t take tax off and a declaration that you’re not a US citizen. Can’t remember what the form was called, so ignore this info if I’ve got it wrong! ☺️
Nqueen Premium
Hi Helen thanks for your response, I do think it is the same form even though this is not for Amazon. Do you remember if you included your NI number, as there is a column that requires something like that (foreign tax identification number) except if there is another number we are supposed to use? Or do I just ignore this.
Helen123 Premium Plus
I don’t think I put my tax number in it.. but... of course if you are paying UK tax, this income would need to be included.