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So today WA decided to put me in the top 200.Although this was not my intention to be in it but I want to say to anyone aiming for this position do not focus on it but rather on your site.The main thing this position says is how busy you are on the site and aslo how interactive you are on your platform and your work.This can also be a good indication of your progress on this platform.As I said this was never my intention but I will take it has a good recognition from WA given the fact that I ha
Today has been the best day of my life in affiliate markerting and I want to thank wealthy affilite.My niche site which I started this year shortly before quiting my 9-5 job in February 2019 is now starting to generate good income.Today was like no other day when I logged onto my emails to check on my regular mails, which I do daily.To my suprise I was met with an email telling me that I need to cash my check for clickbank as there is an experity date for checks.I got confused because the last
Hey Wealthy Affiliate friends I hope you are good today.I wanted to share my sucess and progress on my niche website.I started my new niche website 5 months ago and I have been working on it consistently since then.I had a period last month where I lliterally had no time for content creation since I had to go on a trip and I was so busy to even post one page (I know very sad hey).However, when I got back I carried on and tried to add more posts.What happened today really suprised me....I was o
Awesome. Today I just woke up to being awarded a dedication badge.I want to say thank you Wealthy Affilitae I have learnt so much with being so dedicated with my website.Although I have not earned any commision I am working hard constantly.I am pateintly waiting for a sale on my site and pushing dailyMany thanx
Hey guysThis is a question I have been pondering for so long and I wanted to know before entering.If you are interested or have a diet blog like Keto, Vegan, vegetarian etc. does your blog have to be about recipes and cooking.I have been looking online and it seems like this is the only way you can make it in these niches (by providing your recipes and stuff)This means if you are looking to use these niche blogs purely for affiliate marketing it may not be possible.Am I right by saying these st
Hello guysI installed super socializer on my website a few days ago everything is fine except I am getting comments of people who have commented on my posts.Does anyone know why this is happening? Please assist.Thabo
September 05, 2018
Thank you I am happy with my progress thus far. I have learnt a lot about the internet business.I am happy to be going to the final part of training.Thank you Kyle and the community I owe my progress to all of you guys.
Hello guysI am writing this post to ask what is the best number of words (for each post) for your site to get better rankings on the internet?I know we have been told that 1000 words is the minimum,but my worry is that I have seen other members say writing 2000 words should be the goal.I do, however always write above 1 500 words as an average on all my posts (give or take).For this issue there are basically two schools of thought that may occur:1. More words (2000 words) means less posts updat
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August 11, 2018
Do you know the reasons why it is hard for you to constantly blog for your site?Well on this post I will be giving you my two cents of how I have made blogging easy so you can have posts often on your site.Let's commence folks...The first thing you should know about blogging is that it is a skill that you can easily learn and make it second nature.Why would you need this skill to be second nature?This is obviously to have frequent content on your site (which is good for your ranking) but also
If you are a beginner or new here, first of all a huge welcome to you to WA :)I am writing this to give you some warm words and encourgamentYou have probably started on your website and are undergoing training right now and you may be very excited about the possibilities which exists in this industry right?I know this was exciting for me when i started this whole affliate markerting journey back in 2017.Back then I was basically doing it alone (with no real support) and honestly the only thing