Must I manage one or two websites?

Last Update: November 25, 2019

I had been pondering this question a lot and I just wanted to get some comments from you guys.

Hopefully This post will even be seen by those who have overcome this situtaion.

So the real question is "should a person focus on one website or two?

I know that this may seem obvious but it is not the case if you have tow websites that are doing well.

This question came because I am in this situation and I am managing two websites but I feel that this can be rather exhausting.

The reason I have two websites is becuase after I started the first one I discovered my passion was actually something else.

So I changed and started another website while still managing the first one.

The hectic thing about this is that both sites are doing well especially the first one (the one I am less passionate about compared the second one).

I have even thought about hiring writers to take over with my first one but I am not sure becuase I feel that I will still need to make them undertsnad what to write and how to write it.

Has anyone had such a situation and if yes how did you handle it?

I do not have a problem with running two sites but I feel my time could be used on doing other useful and productive things like the social media or other compaigns online to grow my buisness even more.



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CMKetay Premium
Hi, Thabo! My original thought when I joined was to have 2-3 sites up and running within the first month. And then I started going through the training. I decided to focus on one site to learn and make my mistakes with - easier to revise one site than multiples. I still plan to have several and am laying them out and planning but am actively working on the one that is launched first. This has worked out best for me. Hope it helps you.

Thabo4 Premium
Thanks a lot for your insight.

Yeah it does make sense to have one and to focus on it I think I am too attached to both the sites as I feel they have soo much potential.

Yes it is easier to manage one of course. I will think about this and see.
Thanx again
JerryMcCoy Premium Plus
The more passionate you are about a topic the better you will do. However, you can still do another site at the same time and be successful. Remember to always put quality content on one or both sites.
Thabo4 Premium
Thank you man.

Yes I always aim for quality. Although I find that it takes longer since I have two site.
JeffreyBrown Premium Plus
I've discovered that it is easier to focus on one until you complete the training!

Thabo4 Premium
Thanx for your advice.
Yes I have finished training and I only started the second website after finishing the training.
JeffreyBrown Premium Plus
You could also take the boot camp courses if you wanted and have one affiliate marketing site and one niche site!