I am now a four figure earner ($5000 this month)-Thank you Wealthy Affiliate

Last Update: June 01, 2020

Hello Wealthy Affiliate family. I hope you are all good.

I wanted to inform you as my family that my website is finally in the four figure income.

The consistency of sales is what confirms it.

Last time I did post about making my first $2000 in a week on my article called My first $2000 in my online business in over a week.

Many members asked me to keep them updated on my progress and earnings although I had said I will not be posting my results for long until I reaching my goals of $2000 per monthly (Which I have reached now).

Well many of my friends and followers on Instagram wanted to know how I am getting this income since I have always been a motivation for them since I left my job to be self-employed a year a go.

So I thought just to share with everyone about my success.

Here is an update of my earnings for May for a portion of my income which again I made $5000 this month.

The goal for this site has been reached and has achieved what I wanted from it. By the way this income is not from promoting WA, it is from my niche site since I wanted something that is unique too me and I love.

I am glad for proving to myself that affiliate marketing works. To me $5000 monthly is huge especially since my country's currency is low (the South African Rand).

Achieving this has not been 100% easy but now it has started to become easy as my website works hard for me while I sleep.

Now that I have reached this goal I am aiming for my next goal which is higher than this, which I am determined to get to.

This I am looking to do it with multiple websites.

The training has really helped me and also I have expermented with many ways for my website, which I talked about on my post called ways to increase traffic super effectively.

So all my success has been attributed to the training and my few ways I use now and again.

Wealthy Affiliate has also opened more opportunities for me such as people approaching me on Instagram to ask me to be part of their organization as a professional affiliate marketer to teach people worldwide.

I have turned down these offers for now since I am already working on three income producing vehicles which I love: Affiliate marketing, trading and running a dancing school.

Gladly I feel whole with my life and grateful with the progress.

Just some motivation to others:

  • Do something you love and understand.

I see many people online just following niches with money but they do not really love 100%.

This is a business so you must treat it as such. Some days are bad so are good as you see my income screenshot is not constant weekly.

I like promoting WA but It is not 100% what I enjoy so that is why my site for that is not really active....but my niche website I think about it daily.

  • Learn and keep repeating until it becomes second nature and implement.

Some people just do training and forget it. Make sure all the things you do keep learning and repeating.

  • Do not give up

Had I gave up on the first website which did not work I would not be getting my website income I am getting weekly and monthly.

It took my second website which I actually loved to see the results.

I am very ecstatic with the consistency of 4 figures and this makes me push more. I hope you had a good read and thank you for reading my story and best wishes.

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Jesusfan Premium
Congratulations, Thabo! You are probably doing even better now than when you wrote this. Your blog is very inspiring and encouraging.

Btw, I read this article because Partha shared it on LouiseBT's blog about how she is from SA and inviting all SAffers to comment. Thanks for sharing your story!

APerson Premium
Congrats! Just the type of article I needed to read. It is always exciting to read about one's success and commitments that I can relate to and that's motivating. Keep on forward and hope you achieve more milestones in your journey. Sending positive vibes your way! 😊
Essie18 Premium
Thanks for sharing this and for the motivation! Congratulations too!
One quick question, how would one know that their first website isn't working, is it if your not earning or seeing visitors as I'm a little worried because I'm only getting one or two visits daily and sometimes none eventhough my site is coming to a year old!
Roybretton Premium Plus
Good morning Thabo,

Congratulations on your success, this is a great motivational blog post, I'm sure it will encourage many. It's great that you were able to give up your full-time job to focus on your web business, it looks like it's paying off well.

I really hope and I believe that you will grow your web business considerably more.

Have a great Sunday.

MinaKim Premium
Hard really pays off, huh? I'm so happy for you. I was about to ask if you are in MMO niche-- then I came to the part when you mentioned that your earnings didn't come from promoting WA.

I totally agree, that one should choose a niche that you love and have a knowledge of, even just a little.
I know it now, that's why I built my second website as well.

Anyway, congratulations again and keep us updated with your success!!
Thabo4 Premium
Yes what you love will take you to any income you want at the end.

Good luck with your second website and I hope it becomes bigger than the first one.