5 Years into Wealthy Affiliate. (Making $16,773 In 1 Year & 1 Program!)

Last Update: Sep 13, 2019


I decided to write this post to pen down the things that I have been grateful in life so far, so this post is one of it.

So it's close to 5 years since I discovered Wealthy Affiliate and I really haven't looked back since then. I'm really glad that I took that leap of faith and signed up for Wealthy Affiliate premium.

Some of you new people who just discovered this website, and somehow stumbled upon this post, may be wondering if it is still legit or not.

I can tell you 100% it is. But don't expect money to be handed to you without doing the work. WA is not a get rich scheme, and takes time and effort for you to be rewarded. You don't plant seeds and expect a tree to grow the next day, right?

When I first began at 2014, I remember telling myself one thing..

"I'm done with free programs and free trainings. It is time to PAY to learn even faster to achieve the success I need."

And I'm glad that WA is one of the platforms that I found that really helped me achieve that.

From a complete newbie to a somewhat seasoned affiliate & digital marketer now, I can say that WA is one of the better platforms to help you achieve your income goals if you really desire to quit your job and becoming your own boss.

(On the topic of becoming your own boss, it may feel like the best thing in the world, but sometimes you just have no motivation and just want to curl up in your bed which could be disastrous 😂)

Here's just a screenshot of what I earned from ONE affiliate program since last year. And it's still continuing to pay me $500+ per month till this day.

PS. You know there's refunds, so that's why there's that -$118.80 😂

Think about it, how much will $16,773.98 do for you if you can earn that amount in a year? I know it has transformed my life quite a bit. One thing for sure, not needing to be in a 9 - 5 job really frees up A LOT of time to do other things.

So if you're still on the fence, take this post as a hint to jump onto Wealthy Affiliate. Do the same thing that I did:

1) Try out premium for 1 month. Trust me that this is one of the best decisions I made.

2) If you are completely satisfied with the experience within the month, switch to a yearly plan and commit to paying it. (PS. If you don't put money and commit, you won't commit fully to making it a success and only 'dabble')

3) After 1 year and if it doesn't work, cancel your membership and move on.

These were the 3 steps that I planned to take when I first started.

Well as obvious as it is, I stopped at step 2 because WA did work for me and never needed to cancel.

If you read until this point, thank you for reading my post.

Here's 1 question from me to you: What's holding you back from signing up and paying for training to make money online? (It can be Wealthy Affiliate, or other programs)

Here's a last tip for you: I always think of how to remove the 'costs' to learning something. What you can do is enroll 2 friends to join under you in WA premium. Your membership is now paid for and free for you as long as your friends continue to be members.

Any questions? Let me know how I can help you.

Recent Comments


$16k for the year is awesome in Affiliate Marketing with WA. Congratulations!

My observation, while we have many success stories here at WA, it seems these success stories do not tell us what they actually did to achieve their success. I suppose this is due to fear of competition or others copying their success.

In that case, how would the newbies or even those who have been here a while know the secrets of success here at WA?

Hope to hear from those who are not afraid to share the secrets to their success. : )

Joe Joson
From The Rock In The Tropics

The secrets are few, from what I can tell. Just follow the training, watch the others here, work 15 hours a day, be ready to adapt and keep trying, and maybe you'll be successful. Occasionally the really successful provide an update with the keys to their success.


Hello Terence,

Thank you for your excellent blog post, it is great to hear about your success story, I am sure that this will help to motivate many people!

I will be approaching my five years at Wealthy Affiliate in November, it's a great platform!

Wishing you continued success Terence.


Very true! 100%


Congratulations! Thanks for sharing your wisdom.

Congrats on your affiliate success! I love your tips and points, especially the ones about being on the fence. Thanks for sharing!

Hi Terence, Your post is very inspiring and points out to all the people in WA. Never give up and keep pressing forward.

Thank you made my day:)

***Wonderful, encouraging blog post, Terence! ... and a very happy, Happy 5th WAnniversary to YOU! ...

... we all appreciate your kind sharing today ....

thanks for being here, all the best, cheerio ... ⭐️🏆⭐️... ***

Great post, Terence. It's nice to see success stories. :) Thank you for sharing. Paula

Thanks Paula, definitely is great sharing. It's stories like this that keep me motivated and going when I was first starting out as well.

Awesome job and very motivating.

Thanks Nate. I realized you just joined on the same month as I did. Since you're still here, keep pushing forward and you can easily get the same results :)

Terence, a fantastic job. Glad yohere.

Thanks Joe. Just wanted to share that WA is a great way to get started and my results from it :)

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