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Last Update: June 18, 2019

Good morning everyone, I just wanted to vent a little. I am not good at this web site creation. Nothing is going the way I invision it. the site is all over the place. I have been working and going over the lesson for three hours now and it is getting worst and I don't know how to fix it, yet. I want to keep it simple but I can not even do that. I am terrible with computers this is massive for me. Am I the only one that finds this web site development difficult? I am on the verge of tears! Not giving up just very frustrated right now! I don't even know what a TAG is!!!! What is a TAG NAME?

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bazboy247 Premium
This can be and often is a very steep learning curve I lost a lot of sleep when I was learning to build websites and have felt like putting my foot through the computer a few times

Hang in there just keep going, I found that if I got frustrated I would take a break and come back to it later and often the answers would come

captgeech21 Premium
How far in the training courses are you? I ask because I have had some questions as to "how to" certain things within the website platform and found that they were answered later in the training.

For instance,

In the level two training it starts talking about building content, key words, etc. And then says to get feedback and comments etc.

Seeing other's websites, I see images, and was like "Oh man I want images".

Then I went to try to add images and messed some stuff up. Then, shortly after that training, Kyle goes into how to add images.

If you are not yet far into the training, I would continue on. If your training is talking about tags and tag names, then maybe reach out to the help center?

If you are struggling with a specific feature of Word Press website creation, you may also want to search the WA site (search bar up top) If you enter Tag Name into the search bar you will see some posts from other users come up with discussion of using tags in blogs, etc.

Other than that, Youtube searches or even Google searches for Wordpress Tag Name Help can be helpful. Wordpress has a support page that explains all the different features of their platform.
For instance:

It's understandable and OKAY to be frustrated. If this tech stuff is new to you, it will be hard. You should be getting frustrated. If not, you are a savant of some sort.

Please remember this:
Struggling with the technical aspects of creating your online business are the best things to struggle with. In time, you can learn your way through this if you really wish to. What you cannot learn or find is creativity, vision or passion. If you have that, then you have the best part! Now it's just a matter of how determined are you to get your vision into fruition. I hope very.

Good luck!
ShaunnaLynne Premium
You are not alone... BREATHE

Ok, I had this same problem when I started (shhh... sometimes I still do)!

These pieces of training from MajiStudios (Jay) helped me: You've got this!! Take a break, a breath, and it will all come together)!
SaraPoyner Premium
No I cried for three days when I started! My husband had to lead me away from the computer because I got so confused and frustrated! I changed my theme to a much simpler one and went from there! I struggled initially to get pictures on! Now a month later I have affiliate links and all sorts! Honestly it gets easier. Take a break and go really simple to begin with xx hope that helps
Shipwright Premium
Hi, it can be normal to feel this way, but as you follow the training ask questions along the way within the training discussion and someone will assist. Take your time with the training and do not rush it. You will be fine :)