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January 26, 2016
Im terribly sorry , I have disappeared here on WA, but I have a legitamate excuse. I have met an awesome individual here on WA. He is taking me places I have never been before. We created a blog site. We are getting traffic and are both excited for the future of whatever it may bring.. A LOT OF TYPING and it feels good to be correctly typing using KEYWORDS..Thanks Jaaxy and WA and all..TEN HUT!
January 17, 2016
I received zero calls and all the posts reached everywhere, I NEVER DID BUSINESS IN OR AROUND. Big deal it reached 9,000. Glad I didnt spend $500 to get 1,000,000 views and 10 more website clicks!Lessoned learned!
WOW. so much reading and so much help, I put in huge hours and Im still chugging on!Im not getting much done and am getting out of ruts thanks to the type help search bar at the top and everyones posts. Im figuring it out! Im not quitting, except for some sleepI would say one thingWATCH KYLES VIDEOS because they pay off!
I know everyone, including myself types, and makes a mistake , then wanted it to come back but couldn't remember exactly what you typed. On the keyboard its on both side of the bottom right and left of your key pad (HOLD CTRL+Z) it will UNDO what you typed. Press it individually and u can go back and undo and possible find what u typed. I ALWAYS USE this and is great for editing!AWESOME AND TIME SAVING HOTKEY!!Good luck,Todd
After 4 days here, I l havent created any websites YET!!Reason #1> I created 2 others sites 3 seasons back on the Wix Platform. One page is my own website. Its my first EVER web page. It took me 3 tries from trying different themes. I utilized Microsoft Word to copy and paste, make grammar corrections, use overlays and colors, fonts, I saved EVERYTHING on Word for both sites. I have never done this before! so this was my way of not loosing anything. That was way helpful so i didnt loose any
January 11, 2016
Nearly 15 years ago, I used to have a blonde lab.. she was a great hunting dog. She was my first home dog that I got to react with. She was born in Emporia, KS as my brother took her from some abusive partying college cats. Since my brother graduated college, he went on to be a LPGA caddy, so he dropped Casey off at the folx house where I stayed. She had a unique personality, to tell you the least!.I must of chased that poo EVERYWHERE. she would hear , I sware, EVERYTHING at night. Id look down