Scammers and Stalkers and Jerks, Oh My!

Last Update: March 03, 2018

What the heck is going on here at WA? Since I started in 2009, I haven't seen so many instances of crazy nonsense going on. One jerk is trying to steal referrals and several others are hitting on women. Then, you have others that seem to be trying to scam people as well.

Let's just keep vigilant and report these idiots. To the idiots - none of your ploys will work. You are going to be reported. I for one, will be turning you in and I know other conscientious members will do the same! You have been warned!

Maybe it's the full moon last night. Who knows?

Let's keep WA free from this nonsense!

Best Regards,


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Sui_generis Premium
I totally agree, Jim. WA is such a great place to be with like minded people who don't have time nor energy to deal with spammers or creeps. I have my share of creeps on FB and I'm not even a young chick!

We just need to remain vigilant AND I know Kyle and/or Carson will take care of them.

Internetgranny Premium
Agree - can't remember ever having quite so many cases of spammers, stalkers and referral thieves all in a day!

To everyone here - if you notice any such activity, please press the Report Spam button.

~ Isabella
techhound Premium
Hey Isabella, I had to start wondering if I missed all of March and if we somehow jumped right to April 1st. LOL
DEversley Premium
They are everywhere, Jim!
I came across one recently trying to promote a product to me via PM. I easily spotted this because what he was doing didn't need to be privately sent to me.

Thanks for sharing!
VickiG Premium
Thank you Jim for standing up, VickiG
skendrick4 Premium
We're not in Kansas anymore, Toto!
Thank you for the warning. I hope the scammers, stalkers, and jerks all leave.