Someone here needs our help

Last Update: January 19, 2015

A very sweet member of our WA family is going through some rough times. I just wanted to post the link to her post so that more people will see it. Please take the time to read and help what you can if only to share the info with others.

Thank you,


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Kathy331 Premium
Thanks for the heads up Glenda, I wasn't following so didn't see her post. I've followed and offered what I hope is some practical advice. :)
mrpeter Premium
Thanks Glenda.
JewelCarol Premium
Thanks very much for sharing, Glenda, it is very kind of you!! :)
I will going over to the blog now.
LynetteJ Premium
Thank you for highlighting that Glenda, its hard to believe what some people have to suffer.
Debbi26 Premium
Thanks, Glenda. I just saw it.