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Last Update: December 09, 2014

Hi guys, I just wanted to give you a quick heads up. I have discovered that when Amazon sells out of a product that I am promoting that my link turns into something else. With all the crazy buying out there right now you need to keep check on your links. It took me less than a minute to change a link this morning to one that is active again. Same product. They now have a few back in stock. The link will not automatically change back to active when they get stock in. You have to do it manually. It can make a big difference in your earnings, Especially if you are promoting high dollar items. You should be promoting both.

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Michelle04 Premium
So, this explains why I had this happen last week! One of my links turned into a different product and I thought it was something I had done. Thank you for clearing this up for me!
Wedge910 Premium
Very interesting. Thanks for the heads up! Happy Amazoning!
mrpeter Premium
Thanks Glenda!
Alan Hocking Premium
Thanks for the heads up! :)
HarryK1 Premium
Thanks Teacup, that could add up fast this time of year.