47 Sales to Go for Vegas 2020 - What Should I do?

Last Update: December 06, 2019

I really want to make it to Vegas before hitting my two year mark. It will be 2 years since I joined Wealthy Affiliate in February 2020, and man...I've learned alot. I've come a long way this year alone, and I'd like to drive it all the way home.

I'm writing this to hear your opinions about which is the best move to make to make it to Vegas in this final month before the counter goes back to 300.

My Sales History

I've had some good months and some bad months in terms of WA sales. My first year was experimental. I didn't know what worked and what didn't. I had gone thru the training, and I was experimenting with the things I'd learned to gain insight from my own testing.

After the first year is when I had a better idea of what I was good at and what I wasn't. My site started to pick up some good rankings, so I started getting regular leads. I also had a general idea of what worked, so I began getting results incrementally.

You can take a look at my sales history in my video case studies. My month with the highest # of new sales was July. From there, I was playing around with my lead gen funnel because I decided I didn't want to direct-link to WA.

Instead, I wanted to build my email list first, so my sales dropped a bit because from there, I had to experiment with my email copy, landing pages, and lead magnets to see how to get backend conversions to WA (rather than front-end ones). Avoiding the direct linking automatically eliminated some referrals, but my hypothesis was "adding the people onto my list rather than direct linking will help me to build a long term relationship".

The results: my sales went from 27 sales in one month to 11. I built my way back up to getting daily referrals and consistent sales, but still not where I was.

My Traffic History

I've also experimented quite a bit with traffic. Prior to Wealthy Affiliate, I had done quite a bit with social media to generate traffic, so I still have an inner love for that. Hahaha.

I've tried:

  • PPC
  • Social media (especially Pinterest and Facebook)
  • Video marketing
  • Quora
  • and search engine optimization

All of them work very well, but it comes down to which tasks I enjoy doing most to get traffic to my site. I've decided SEO and video marketing have the highest returns for my time and enjoyment. I personally like to create the videos and write the articles more than other things although I like making pins, creating ads, and other things.

Eventually, I'll jump back into doing more, but for now, these two traffic channels are my focus. From these, I've gotten highly qualified traffic.

My Dilemma

Now, I've gotten my funnel where I want it to be. I'm getting daily optins and my email list is growing. I'm getting daily WA referrals (usually 2 or more). I'm establishing a brand I'm proud of that helps people start businesses (with special attention to affiliate marketing). I'm happy with the way some things are working (income growth, traffic growth, and brand awareness), but I still have 47 sales to go to make it to Vegas!

I thought I'd be much further along than this, but my experimentation is in large part to blame. I just couldn't leave the direct linking campaign alone! I just couldn't write all Clickbank reviews. Hahaha. I wanted to build a brand, experiment, and find my own way a little, and the way I went about that lowered my conversion rates to WA up front.

In order to make it to Vegas by the end of this month, I have 3 options that I know of. I need to increase my sales volume to 3 or more sales per day to be safe. These are 3 things I know I'd need to choose from (and possibly do more than one):

  • Improve my conversion rate to WA
  • Improve my referral to premium conversion rate
  • Increase my amount of traffic to my site

My Questions for You

  • What are your best recommendations for how I can improve my conversion rate from my site to WA?
  • What's your best advice for how I can increase my referral to premium conversion rate?
  • Lastly, do you have any killer traffic generation strategies I should consider during this last 20+ days to knock down this 47 sales?

Let me know what you think. I'm open to all of your input.

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CyndiMcK Premium
If you are happy with your funnel now, then send paid ads to it. Perhaps check out Robby Blanchard's tips in his webinar training (that sells his course). He did it for Clickbank products (their top affiliate) and now is doing it for his own $997 course. If I managed to save the replay link, I'll PM that to you.
TDomena Premium
I’ve seen Robby Blanchard before. Thanks for your input!
cld111 Premium
Wish I knew! haha. Sounds like most people are saying paid ads. I am interested to see how it goes for you.

I know you want to get to Vegas, and I totally get that. But even if you didn't, you did awesome! You'll surely get there next year.

- Christina
TDomena Premium
Yes. You're right. I'm not sure my eyes are set on this year anymore. I know paid ads can work, but I'd like to see more results from SEO before diving deeper into that than I have. I learned from previous that a bigger budget would be better, and I don't have that right now.

On a personal note, my son is currently on a homebound program from school due to his health, so I'm not really sure I'd be able to go even if I made it. It would be nice though. I know I'll come very close even if I don't change anything. I'm very happy with the growth I've had though, so I'll be happy either way.
cld111 Premium
I'm sorry to hear about your son. I hope he can recover quickly and get back to full health if possible.

- Christina
TDomena Premium
Me too. Thanks.
StPaul Premium
Congrats dear mentor... Yes, we all know for sure you will make it next year the challenge is to qualify for this year.

I don't know anything and I am not in a position to give you advice since I am learning from you. However, I what to show my gratitude so I am trying to share my thoughts.

1. Paid Ads - Since you already tried paid ads you know the numbers, conversions, which one worked better, etc. So you can try paid ads and you said you are paying yourself with a good amount so you can try paid ads without losing more money.

2. Email List - As already one of our friends mentioned, you can come up with some special bonuses and offer to the people on your list who join before the end of this month. Also, you can try the same offer and bonuses for your visitors as well.

3. Ask Legends - You already know some legends and you have mentors contact them and ask for their advice.

I want you to qualify for Vegas this year my dear friend and I am sure you will make it.

Set the target date a few days before, for example, 25th or 26th December.

You did a great job and I want you to finish it in Vegas.

TDomena Premium
Thanks so much Paul! Great advice.
EdwinBernard Premium
I wish you all the best in getting your remaining sign ups. The irony is if you didn't try those long term business building strategies you may have got it. Regardless, your progress is pretty amazing.

Besides who am I to give you advice when I am struggling to get plain referrals. Let me tell you something funny. I was going to suggest you ask all your sign ups if they had a friend or knew someone who would like to start an online business. Then I saw the flaw in that thinking lol.

Keeping my fingers crossed.

TDomena Premium
Thanks Edwin! I appreciate it.
Brenda63 Premium
Hi Tiffany,

Its always good to see your blogs on here.

Nothing wrong with going about marketing on your own way and experimenting with how different marketing avenues work for your business.

As you know It takes time to build a business. I am throughly impressed with how you’ve done your marketing. As a result of that you did gain referrals and got some conversions in the short amount of time. Most WAers see their rewards much later depending on how much time they invested into this business. You were totally invested. That by itself is awesome.

I know you’ve worked hard on your marketing efforts. Being aggressive with your goal settings. That is to be highly commended.

What works from what I’ve seen from your statement above is:

1. Organic traffic that you gained from SEO and 2. Your videos in YouTube. I feel those two are what is helping you more along with 3. Building your email list with your funnels.

Yes, its true, building a relationship in email is awesome. If I was doing emails, I would build relationship then add how WA helped you to build a business with your links there. I see nothing wrong with that. That will allow them to take a look and you continue to send them your campaigns and follow up diligently.

Stick to those 3 marketing efforts. If you can financially double your investment in PPC ads or FB ads, I would do that. Also YouTube sponsored ads they work, I’ve seen many of those ads from some of the games I play on my iPhone, most of those came from Facebook video ads and YouTube ads. They are high ticket e-learning and e-digital products. Double or Triple the investment on ads and see if your conversions improve, that would be the way to upscale this is how I saw it worked.

Especially the guy, who did a sponsored FB and YouTube video for $49 ad workshop product rather than $997 Ad workshop product. I bought his adworkshop only $49 dollars (worth it) and I like how he kept reinvesting into ads and projected his product to earn a lot of money but thats his own e-learning product. They sold their own products. If you could do that, it will upscale. A lot of paid ads he did, and he showed how he did it and the copy funnel he used was enticing.

Keyword is do a lot of investing into ads to upscale.
TDomena Premium
Yes. I agree. It may be time for ads again. I wanted to get to a point where I had paid all my other expenses annually (with business revenue), plus I'm paying myself enough that I feel okay sticking to for awhile. Ads may be the way to go though. I agree.
Brenda63 Premium
Not one of those ads show anything about WA, or any of those affiliate programs. Those ads are mostly their own high ticket $997 e-courses, e-learning products, like Legendary Marketers, or the gal, selling her own e-courses teaching others how to build a business on creating your own e-learning courses. I wondered how they did that. They paid a lot ads to upscale their business.