Write content, not key words.

Last Update: March 24, 2016

I am working on Lesson 3 of the second course of Bootcamp. I've been with WA for a little over a month now and getting more and more sold on Wealthy Affiliate. Let me explain...

Yesterday I was doing my lessons and watched Kyle's video about writing content, not just key words. Now, Kyle always talks about the importance of content. That's nothing new. I'm a little slow on the draw sometimes, though. I've always listened, but during that video I had one of those "duh" moments.

I realized that in my eagerness to get noticed and advance my websites, I had indeed worked too much on the whole "selling" aspect. I pulled those key words and built my posts around them.

I've always said that I'm not a sales person. I'm a teacher. I want to help people. My websites aren't for sales, they are for helping people and for sharing information.

My website post today will be back where I belong. I am focusing on information, not selling.

Kyle, you just made another major plus for Wealthy Affiliate in my book. Thank you for teaching us to reach people, not just sell!

Just had to share my high of the day!

Blessings to all - Tina

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MKearns Premium
Content, content, content. key words are like cornerstones. But it's the intervening brickwork that gives a building it's beautiful façade. This is what bring in visitors and Google!
TDeYoung Premium
Very true. There is a happy balance. I just have to find it.
KatieMac Premium
Thank you Tina we need to write for our visitors
Topsail Premium
Thanks Tina. I'm glad to be following you because of your realistic viewpoints and positivity. You encourage me to keep pressing forward like you are doing here at WA.
Thanks again!!
Mark Mc.
TDeYoung Premium
Thanks so much! I think I just ramble sometimes, but I'm trying to make it "me".
MyraBeth Premium
I have a narrow niche so 'keywords' won't really help. But helpful content will be what counts.
TDeYoung Premium
So right.
theresroth Premium
That's the true greatness of WA!
Both aspects are present, but the people aspect leads the way and decides what's done and what not.......
dianegailit Premium
I agree with you 100%, Tina! I am also not a sales person and love teaching & helping others. Here at WA, I have learned so much in the past 5 months, and you will, too :-) Just keep on going and take one day at a time. You are doing great!
Derek101 Premium
Noted and digested Tina... thank you :)
KSchrod Premium
Good points Tina! Yes, if you're a teacher then focussing on helping people will definitely be where you excel!

It'll come together like a knit sweater....all these pieces will fit together and the final product will be something tangible!
JudeP Premium
Your content will be all the better for it, good luck as you push forward :)