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Some of you may have read in my past comments that I really dislike writing reviews. Right now I am stuck in Course 2, Lesson 9 where I need to write another product review. This time I'm not stuck because I don't know what to do, it's just because it's taking me time. I think I've found my biggest problem. If I know a product, I'm more than happy to write a review. In fact, I really want to sit down and write some more product reviews for some drawing books or drawing supplies on my website.
I took the day off from my full time job yesterday and again today, to get some of the "fix it" list done around my house. I still had several interruptions that were job related. I wasn't surprised. It does, after all, come with being a manager. It's just that it made me think even more about how nice it would be to know that I would not have interruptions from my job when I was in the middle of painting my window frame, or on my knees working on a project. It would be lovely to be able to cho
I've just passed my 2 month anniversary at Wealthy Affiliate now., and I want to talk specifically to everyone who is new to this kind of thing. I encourage you all to feel confident and to trust in Wealthy Affiliate. Take time to do the lessons. Walk through each step. It's a journey that I am finding to be very fulfilling - and fun! Until now I had never understood how people could create websites. They just seemed so complex. I always thought you'd have to be some kind of tech genius to do i
One day I was working on my lesson for Wealthy Affiliate, writing some new content for my website. As I thought about it, my brain started to wander to the recent video I had watched of Kyle's. He talked about using one of my pages and listing different topics I could right about and link back to that page. I guess I was in a pretty creative mood that day as I did exactly what Kyle said to do. I came up with a TON of new ideas of things to write about. Thank you Kyle. I don't know if I should d
Today I just want to tell everyone how great Wealthy Affiliate is. I'm so impressed every day! Right now I'm on Course 2 Lesson 7 and my mind is full of ideas for my websites. I'm a little bit slow in learning new things, and I get stuck every now and then, but the way the lessons and the discussions work here I am learning so much! Jaaxy and I are becoming close friends. I use it all the time now to find good key words for my new posts on my website. After doing some experimenting I now see wh
I am working on Lesson 3 of the second course of Bootcamp. I've been with WA for a little over a month now and getting more and more sold on Wealthy Affiliate. Let me explain...Yesterday I was doing my lessons and watched Kyle's video about writing content, not just key words. Now, Kyle always talks about the importance of content. That's nothing new. I'm a little slow on the draw sometimes, though. I've always listened, but during that video I had one of those "duh" moments.I realized that in
OK, it wasn't on the first page and it wasn't the post I thought would make it first, but that's not a problem I was just excited to actually see it on Google. I'm only a little over a month with WA. Thank you to everyone for all of the tips and encouragement to keep moving when I hit ruts. It's obvious the community is so much of the success here! I'll keep the lessons going. It's an awesome adventure!
Work online. Earn big money! Make money fast! Have you ever seen these statements before? How many times have these led to scams? You make the investment of your time and hard work, maybe even your money. Then you find out it's not what you think. It's a big money scam!That's exactly what I thought when I first started looking at Wealthy Affiliate. My time is important to me. I don't want to waste it. When I do something, I dive into it and work hard. I don't want to waste my hard work either.
I was skeptical of this "free" site at first. I checked it out thoroughly as I tried it out. I was thrilled to find out that it isn't a scam. It is a real organization that truly wants to help people earn money.Due to health issues (check out My Cancer Story page) I needed to find a way to earn an income that doesn't involve me talking, and where I could work from home.Now, I am not too quick with learning how things work on the internet or on a computer. I need a lot of guidance, time and prac
I'm getting close to my one month mark here at WA. I've worked very hard every day on the lessons and on reading posts from some of you. Oh my goodness, there is so much to learn! Yes, it often seems overwhelming. The great thing is that while I read what others say, I see so many words of support. "Take your time", "Slow your life down", "Learn the content and don't focus on getting done fast". Great advice! I want my websites to look amazing right now, but they don't. That's ok. Many times
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