The #1 Thing You Should do When You Feel Stuck

Last Update: November 09, 2019

We all feel stuck some time. It can be extremely painful and frustrating when you're trying to accomplish something and you feel like all of your efforts aren't getting you anywhere.

My Recent Experience

My son got sick this week. He had chest congestion that was effecting his breathing. I tried:

  • Teas
  • The humidifier
  • Going to doctors
  • Being patient
  • Taking prescribed medications
  • and nothing worked for one full week!

It was tough and really discouraging.

I Got an Idea to that Gave me Hope

I've been reading a book about King Solomon of Israel. It talks about how wise he was and some of his "laws for living" that led him to becoming one of the richest men who ever lived (arguably "the richest man who ever lived").

Researchers have attempted to calculate his net worth based on what he had (12,000 horsemen on his payroll, gold temples, gold bars, etc.) and they've said he'd probably be in the range of a trillionaire! Considering that no one else has hit the "trillionaire" status, many argue, he is the richest man who ever lived.

The cool thing is he had laws for living and they can solve many problems for us.

In books King Solomon wrote, he talked about how to deal with practical life challenges, what's worth your time, what's not, what shortens your life, what lengthens it, how to attain success, and how to loose it.

The #1 Law for Getting out When You're Stuck

One very important law of living Solomon talks about alot is having good counsel, and I've been trying more and more to find good counsel on every area in life where I want improvement--that brings me to the point of this post.

Odds are you have areas where want to see improvement. In my case, I wanted my son to get well, and I kept seeking counsel, but I wasn't getting good counsel.

Good Counsel vs. Bad Counsel

Good counsel pays dividends. Bad counsel costs. It's important to find good counselors. If you're here at Wealthy Affiliate, I'd suspect you want improvement in your:

  • Income - You want to make more money
  • Wealth - You want to create assets that bring you income without exchanging your time (passive income)
  • Professional life - You want to have a more successful career life
  • Recreation - You want to travel more and do "fun activities"
  • Family Life - You want to spend more meaningful time with family and cherish the moments
  • Social life - You want more friends, more meaningful friendships, and time to enjoy them

According to Solomon, "plans fail without good advisors", which means you need good counsel in order to make your plans succeed. Good counsel has proof, takes time to test and verify, and gives you good results.

Unfortunately, when you have emergency situations, it's difficult to have patience enough to find good counselors. Sometimes, you fall into the lap of bad counselors even when you and they mean well.

In my case, my son's school called me and told me to "take him to the doctor right away", so I scheduled the first-available appointment for his pediatrician's office.

  • I hadn't researched the doctor (because I trusted the office)
  • I hadn't researched possible treatments
  • and I rushed into the solution

It costed me $300 in prescriptions that didn't work and $100 for a doctor's visit that gave solutions and didn't relieve the problem. Bad counsel costs.

When Good Counsel Works

On the other hand, I've been looking at my goals over the last few months and analyzing which areas I want to see more improvement in my life and business. I've chosen some very good courses, books, and counselors in some areas, and I've seen great results.

A few months back, I wrote down my goals. I had things like:

  • I want to grow my email list
  • I want to grow my Youtube channel
  • I want to get more traffic on my website
  • I want to start working on courses on my website
  • I want to make more money

From there, I decided to find advisors who had mastered an area I want to improve on. Some advisors I connected with by buying their courses, some I was able to offer value to in other ways, and I've watched some of my goals get achieved. Of course, the goals I mentioned in this post aren't specific, but I have seen progress.

I plan to continue applying this law for living to my life and business. I want it to become like a natural reaction, so if I want to succeed with something, I instantly know to identify someone who's mastered it, and use them as a "template" and their advice as guidance.

Of course, I'll have to be discerning because every situation is different, but good counsel works all the same.

To sum this all up reach out for help with good advisors when you need a hand! It'll help you get out of ruts every time.

My Questions for You

  • What areas do you want to improve? SEO? Content writing? Copywriting? Traffic generation? Conversion optimization?
  • Have you found someone whose mastered that?
  • What's stopping you from reaching out to good advisors?

I know the "money excuse" is very real for most of us, but I already have an answer for that here. Hahaha. Get creative. If you want to accomplish something, you have to do what it takes.

P.S - Here are some places you can get counsel from me (right here at WA)

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Simiao5 Premium
That is true, If someone have got problem it is necessary to ask,
I spent lot of time my site were bad because I was shy to ask it took me long time to fix, even now I am still fixing, but I will be fine soon, thanks for advise.
TDenise Premium
I've done that too where I try to troubleshoot by myself. It takes so much longer when you don't ask. Sometimes, it's necessary to learn, but if you find yourself spending too much time troubleshooting because you're stuck, then it's important to reach out for help.
AdrianKiter Premium
Hi Tiffany. Great advice. There's always someone at WA who can offer advice on any situation we get stuck on.
TDenise Premium
I’ve gotten a lot of great advice over the years.
Aussiemuso Premium
I look forward to viewing your training Tiffany and hope you find some assistance for your son. I get congestion a lot and at the moment we have 57 fires on the East Coast of Australia burning. The smoke is awful. I use natural oil drops in hot water to inhale the steam twice a day, it really helps. Simple but effective.

Let me know if I can help
Lily 😥
TDenise Premium
Wow! I haven’t heard of that before. We’re in the hospital and he’s improving. Thanks for your support!
Talk2Ray Premium
Thanks Tiffany you offer such great advice. Hoping & praying that your son gets better soon.
TDenise Premium
He’s getting better and better. We finally got good counsel and things started to improve quickly from there. It takes persistence sometimes because bad advice made things so confusing.

I had to keep getting other opinions until I felt things were clear and solved the problems. Thanks for the well wishes. I’m confident we’ll be over this very soon.
JeffreyBrown Premium
Great message--Hope that your son is now feeling better! I like the way you tied real life experiences into your blog--so many do, but this was was poignant, especially when referring to King Solomon!!
TDenise Premium
Thanks Jeffrey! Many of the principles are relevant in business and life.