The Entrepreneurial Mindset: 101 Beliefs Every Entrepreneur Needs To Have To Be Successful

Last Update: August 19, 2018

Some people will never be successful because of what's between their ears. Not that they weren't created with the ability to be successful, but because they've accomodated beliefs and ideas that inhibit them from ever achieving something they can be proud of.

This doesn't have to be the case.

Can Success Be Achieved Despite Circumstances?

It's always interesting to study the difference between "successful" people and the not-so-successful people to see what the differences are. Many people have been successful despite:

  • Unhealthy childhoods
  • Broken hearts
  • Disappoointment
  • Fear
  • Rejection
  • Being neglected
  • Having no money
  • Having little time
  • Having no experience
  • Coming from a small social circle
  • and, having other odds stacked against them

As a result of the stories of overcomers, we know most external obstacles can be overcome. There are programs, people, opportunities that can help transcend circumstances, but beliefs aren't so easy for someone else to fix. As some point, your willpower has to bend to a sufficient amount that alternative beliefs are accepted.

Who Has a Chance at Success?

Everyone has a chance at success, but there are core beliefs that must be accepted in order for this to be possible. Here's a list of 101 core beliefs every entrepreneur must have to be successful:

  1. Everything is possible
  2. You're the captain of your ship
  3. There doesn't have to be a such thing as failure (feedback, maybe)
  4. You define success
  5. You define failure
  6. Make a decision and go for it
  7. Hire slow and fire fast
  8. Find what works and scale it
  9. If someone else can do it, you can do it
  10. You can handle change
  11. If we don't have everything we need now, we'll get it from somewhere
  12. Spend below your means
  13. The past does not dictate the future
  14. You don't have to be perfect to be a success, and neither do your products or services
  15. The most important thing to control is your response--bounce back every time
  16. There are others who've been where you're trying to go,and sometimes you'll need to reach out to them
  17. You have to stay hungry to help more people in order to continue climbing the ladder of success
  18. Giving is better than receiving, but you still want both
  19. You'll need to set clear boundaries between your actions and your consequences vs. the actions of others and their consequences, or you'll have ongoing trouble in personal and professional relationships
  20. Whether good or bad, take responsibility for the consequences of your actions and let others take responsibility for the consequences of theirs
  21. Make sure you're getting paid an enjoyable amount that achieves the objectives you've desired, or you may not pursue the endeavor for the long haul
  22. You get better with perfect practice
  23. Don't practice doing something the wrong way or you won't improve
  24. You need to learn positive self-talk and how to reverse negative self-talk
  25. Mantras, scriptures, meditation, prayer, and being around positive people helps to reverse negative thought cycles, builds esteem, helps to create positive self-talk, and expedites growth
  26. You need to set SMART goals and take massive action towards them
  27. Don't spend every dollar you recieve: set aside some for working capital, set aside some for savings and "just in case", use some to cover expenses, and make payroll (yours included) a percentage of the business revenue
  28. When you're buying something for your business, do due diligence to ensure it will give you a return on investment. Don't buy solely because of what others tell you
  29. Don't be impulsive, but be calculated
  30. Mastery takes time and practice
  31. Sometimes you have to push yourself where you don't want to go in order to grow
  32. Accountability can drastically excel your success
  33. Being a part of a like-minded community of people can build your esteem, confidence, your reputation, and open doors of opportunity
  34. Don't put all your eggs in one basket (ie. generate multiple streams of income and build more than one channel of traffic
  35. You have blindspots when you're looking at your own business (or life in general)
  36. You'll need the feedback of others to work around your blindspots and gain incremental levels of success
  37. You are where you are because of your paradigm and sometimes you'll need a shift
  38. Your values should be reflected in your schedule and your budget
  39. It's better to be proactive than reactive so take time and channel resources ahead
  40. Money is a byproduct of serving others
  41. People will overstep your kindness if you don't reinforce your boundaries
  42. Broken people hurt people so don't always take the actions of others personal
  43. Sales is a service
  44. Similar to a doctor offering a prescription for a health ailment, a salesman offers a product for a life ailment
  45. The premise for selling to someone should be to offer a solution FIRST and to make profit SECOND--not the other way around
  46. Negative manipulation is when you're persuading solely for your own good rather than persuading a person towards a mutual win (yours and theirs)
  47. When you selfishly manipulate eventually you get discovered, and your reputation becomes questionable
  48. Reputation separates generic brands from industry leaders--it's very valuable so build and protect it
  49. You have to balance intention with external algorithms, and maximize your circle of influence
  50. If you take care of your health, you can be more productive
  51. Healthy people reciprocate kindness, but broken ones can't
  52. You can't satisfy everybody
  53. You can't follow your passion all the time; sometimes you'll have to sacrifice for the best interest of yourself and others
  54. People you'd expect to support you may not, but don't base your pursuit or commitment on the support of others
  55. Obstacles, breakthroughs, good situations, and bad situations are opportunities for growth and resilience
  56. Appropriate the good and the bad into better character
  57. Focus on solutions rather than problems and you'll become more resourceful
  58. Enjoy the process rather than the outcome and you'll experience more ongoing contentment
  59. Outwork, outthink, and outhustle your competitors
  60. Knowledge is a worthwhile investment, and applied knowledge is an asset
  61. Learn to take breaks
  62. You didn't create yourself, so learn what your Manufacturer designed you to do, and you'll feel much more fulfillment in your life
  63. There's family time, work time, and playtime--none can be overlooked
  64. Every "guru's strategy is not a good strategy for you
  65. You're capable of developing the necessary skills to make this business work
  66. Every question you have has an answer you'll need to find
  67. Not every situation will have instructions.
  68. Experimentation is a part of business
  69. You're capable of making a business work
  70. This is not a get rich quick scheme
  71. You'll need to do hard work
  72. You'll need to commit to any business: online or offline
  73. This business requires discipline: to write about more than what you want but what the market demands, to write more than when you want but when problems need to be solved
  74. You'll need a schedule and a budget
  75. Consistency is key
  76. Focus is crucial
  77. You'll need to prioritize the activities that yield the highest return from your time
  78. Some risks are necessary to avoid opportunity costs and regrets
  79. If you don't succeed the first time, keep trying
  80. You may get many "no's" but keep looking for the yes. It'll eventually come.
  81. Rejection is a necessary step in the pursuit of success
  82. Rejection can be Divine protection
  83. Practice getting numb to rejection
  84. Fear isn't a signal you're doing something you shouldn't do, but a signal you're doing something new
  85. Rejection doesn't have to mean you aren't good enough, it often means the other person failed to notice what you have to offer
  86. People reject things that are too expensive for them, so don't feel bad if people reject you--this could be the case
  87. Treat yourself like the valuable possession that you are. Don't place yourself where valuable things wouldn't go or don't let things be said about you that wouldn't be said about valuable people or things
  88. Life doesn't get easier, so you have to get stronger
  89. Study ahead and dress appropriate for the occassion
  90. There's a time for uniqueness and a time for assimilation--learn to balance the two
  91. People say "don't judge a book by it's cover", but aesthetics matter
  92. Find things to be grateful for
  93. Like healthy food versus unhealthy food, there's good information versus bad information--be careful and sort thru the information you're taking in
  94. You build your paradigm on information that forms beliefs
  95. Bad information can fence you in for years
  96. Don't believe everything that others tell you about who they are, sit back and observe as they show you who they are
  97. You have to crawl before you walk, and walk before you run
  98. You attract people based on your own confirmation biases, so step out of your comfort zone into new circles if you want growth
  99. It's not best to always be the smartest person in the room
  100. If you want to grow, get around people that are further ahead (maybe even smarter) than you
  101. Prune bad habits and replace them with good ones

Final Words on Entrepreneurial Mindset and Required Beliefs for Success

Mindset is the one thing only you can control, and it stands as a wall between your success and failure. It takes YOU to define success and failure, and YOU must take action towards your definition.

Now, It's Your Turn...

Do you agree that these are core beliefs of entrepreneurs? Why or why not? What additional beliefs would you add? Which might you take away? Leave your comments below. I'd love to hear from you.

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firstlearn Premium
I think very few go on to success without experiencing failure, although I say I never fail I just find a way of how not to do it.

TDenise Premium
I like that! You find ways not to do it. LOLOLOL. Good one.
kehaiz1 Premium
Hey Tiffany
Not all that glitter is gold.
I presume it has been stated differently.
Great stuff to bookmark.
Thanks for sharing.
TDenise Premium
Kwamina! That's a good one! Very true.
HowardJaros Premium
Change your paradigm and you can eventually change your results!

Bob Proctor has some great videos on Youtube on this subject.
TDenise Premium
I agree with that! Thanks for chiming in!