Month 2 Progress at WA: 42,752 Words Written, 112.25 in Affiliate Commissions, 508 Raw Clicks

Last Update: Mar 7, 2018


I've had quite a few things to be excited about since joining WA. I started 4 new sites, but one I have been primarily working on. On my one "focus site" at, I've put most of my written content there: 42,752 words (in SiteContent) and more content written in Wordpress. I've been a writing machine! I've gotten over 5,000 visitors using the traffic generation methods in the Internet Marketing Training course with minor Pinterest traffic augmentations. PPC has been the bread and butter of my traffic. I was able to find keywords that cost me 0.02 cents per click for traffic, so I've been driving traffic for the cheap! Experiment with keywords like Kyle says in the training. You can find gold mine keywords if you take the time. I wrote previously that I was able to get 112.25 in affiliate commissions. Now that traffic is coming, I've been having a fairly low conversion onto my email list at 0.3%, so I decided to buy some plugins that would increase my conversion rates. Now, I went from 1 subscriber per day to 6 subscribers per day! Yay!

I've had 508 raw clicks to WA, 29 referrals, and 12 referral credits. I'm getting somewhere even with the Affiliate bootcamp, but not where I would like. I expected more sales by now, but it is what it is.

I write about many things I'm learning on my business blog, How To Entrepreneur, so if you're interested in any strategies, it's likely you will find it there.

Now, I'm working on some more things that will make my successes translate into dollar signs because I want to be full-time in the next couple months: no more than three. I'd also like to be a Super Affiliate and go to Vegas in 2019. Can I do it? Let's see. The worse case scenario is that I try my best, right?

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Congrats Tiffany! Great progress so far. Keep pushing yourself and more sales will definitely come!

Trying to keep up with you Jerry! You're doing some amazing things organically. Maybe we can ping ideas some time?

Sure :)

wow! that is pretty awesome! you keep on it!

That is fantastic Tiffany.

Thanks Harvey Brown!

Wow, you are doing well.

Thanks Mergie!

nice you havent been at it that long so I would say you are doing great.

Thanks Jackie!

wow ...very very nice TDomena!! I visited your website, love it ... congratulations on your monthly accomplishments. It is very encouraging to read your story!

Thanks Renee! Thanks for stopping by my site also.

Wow, Tiffany!! You should be training here:)).
That's tremendous. You have been very very busy and your visitors are sky high.

Awesome achievement. I am going to be watching you very closely.:)

All the best and bountiful success!

I haven't reached my 3 month mark yet. LOLOLOL. I can't do any training. I can only write blog posts.

:) Well, I can't wait until away!!
I have been here 6 months and have 50,000 words. You are a writing machine. Wow!

Ok so Sitecontent shows your all time writing rather than your monthly writing?

Yes, it does!

Good to know.

What tremendous progress in such short period of time, Tiffany! Excellent!

Thanks Veronica!

Oh wow. You are a powerhouse! Thanks for sharing.

Sometimes I fear I won't be successful and hope I am not doing this for nothing. Although I am happy that I am learning new skills every day.

Anyway well done to you, that's amazing.

I say if I won't be successful at least I will run right into it and fail fast, so I put my best into it. Don't be skeptical. If you fail fast, you can get up fast, but if you're skeptical, you tend to move slow, then you'll fail slow and waste alot of time. Personally, I think you and I can do it, so failure isn't something we'll have to worry about, but if we's best to fail fast, right?

I love your attitude.
I'm not skeptical, and I feel like I'm working at a million miles an hour. It's more a lack of confidence I suppose. If I had even a small win I think I would be in a better place mentally. But I shall keep going! I have been giving this everything I've got :)

I'd love to help. I'm not sure if anything I'm doing could help you. Inbox me and maybe we can share ideas.

I understand that! You'll get your wins. Go full force. Give as much value as you can. It's coming.

That is inspiring Tiffany. Keep up the great work.

Thanks. I'm trying my best.

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